Kisha class Ambulance

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Kisha class Ambulance
Internal Layout
Tech Level TL–10
Mass 11 tons (unloaded)
13 tons (loaded)
5 dTons
Cost Cr 310,000
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type G-Carrier
Speed 600kph/450kph
Cargo 0.5kl
Crew 3 (Driver, 2xParamedic)
Passengers 5 (1 Conscious, 4 Frozen)
Armament None


This ambulance is designed for use on any world in any atmosphere and is thus equipped with air-locks for the crew and patients.

Inside, there is a gurney for patient collection, and 4 cryogenic capsules for suspending those whose injuries are more serious and whose condition may deteriorate during transport. n.b. That the cryogenics are on a single system and all patients must be frozen/restored in one go.

The driver has terrain mapping LIDAR and Radar, lights and IR HUD to aid in patient location. There is a 5000km range radio in case the patient(s) are a long way from civilisation.

Should the ambulance be unable to land, a winch allows the paramedics to be lowered to the patient's site.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Ambulances of this form have been around ever since the advent of grav-vehicles, the utility of access being such that other forms are rendered obsolete.

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