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Every system has a port classification grade (A to E, and X) to the starport available in the system. This grade assigned to the port encompasses the services available in the port. A Class X Starport is an indication that no starport exists in the system. There are no facilities available, and no site marked for landing.

It is also known as a Class 0 Starport.

Given the ease of constructing a Class E Starport, the only worlds with a class X port are:

Unexplored worlds
Worlds beyond the borders of any empire, and in uncharted or un-mapped space. It becomes the default marker, indicating no known landing space is known to be available.
Barren or die back worlds
Worlds where there is no population lack any sort of port facilities. While there may be automated beacon on the world surface or in orbit indicating a relatively safe spot for landing and refueling, the information may be out of date.
Uncontacted worlds
This is usually a very temporary situation. Worlds that have recently been explored and found to have sophont life, enough that they are not a Barren World, but where no starship has yet made contact with the locals (even the most paranoid society will usually agree to set up a designated place for foreigners to land, when the alternative is foreigners landing wherever) or set up a Class E Starport somewhere away from civilization. Note that any such native civilization able to make concrete (available at Technology Level 1, with some examples found at Technology Level 0) may have already made pads large enough to count as a Class E Starport; this is increasingly likely at higher technology levels. (History records more than one example of an airport, originally created solely to support local aircraft, being reused as a starport.)
Interdicted worlds
Worlds where landing is forbidden for various reasons will be marked with a Class X port. Interdictions may exist to protect the native life on a world or to protect the rest of the universe from the world below. Interdicted worlds have a beacon or automated satellite system to indicate the blockade and, in some cases, to enforce it. In extreme cases, the satellite system may occasionally scan the world for anything resembling a downport and, if found, destroy it from orbit (typically with energy weapons, since resupply - and thus, reloading with ammunition - is infrequent).

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