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White Dwarf is a gaming magazine published by Games Workshop, and first published in June/July 1977 CE.

  • Some of the early editions featured articles about Traveller.
  • The last regular issue of White Dwarf to feature Traveller content material was issue 82 in 1986 CE.
  • Occasional product reviews occurred after this date.
  • For the Star Type see White Dwarf (star type)

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The full title is "White Dwarf, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Games Magazine".

  • According to Ian Livingstone, one of the founders of Games Workshop, the name White Dwarf was chosen because it refers to fantasy (...a Dwarf is a Tolkienesque character) but also to science fiction (...a white dwarf is a dense star).

Traveller Articles in White Dwarf Magazine[edit]

This is a list of articles specific or applicable to Traveller in the first 100 issues of White Dwarf, along with their issue number.

White Dwarf Issues 1 to 25[edit]

White Dwarf Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Date Page Remarks
Traveller: The New Game Reviewed Don Turnbull Issue 6 April/May 1978 16-18 "Its appeal is immediate, its attraction compelling and its topicality apposite, but my guess is that it will occupy shelves rather than players' minds."
The Experienced Traveller: Continued Improvement of (current) Skills Mike Ferguson Issue 9 Oct/Nov 1978 6-7 TBD
The Experienced Traveller: Part II: Gaining New Skills Mike Ferguson Issue 10 Dec/Jan 1978/1979 18-19 TBD
Fire-Arms: 3000AD: Weapons additions Brian Asbury Issue 11 Feb/Mar 1979 6-7 TBD
Expanding Universe: Additions to Traveller rules part 1 Andy Slack Issue 13 Jun/Jul 1979 14-16 Skills and their Use, Poison and Chemical Warfare
Expanding Universe: Additions to Traveller rules part 2 Andy Slack Issue 14 Aug/Sept 1979 8-11 Starships, Computers, Engineering, Gunnery and Missiles, Effects of Nuclear Weapons, Effects of Explosives, Artillery
Expanding Universe: Additions to Traveller rules part 3 Andy Slack Issue 15 Oct/Nov 1979 10-13 Campaign Location, Stellar Systems, Planets, Alien Life, Robots
Expanding Universe: Additions to Traveller rules part 4 Andy Slack Issue 16 Dec/Jan 1979/1980 11-12 Social Status, Psionic Special Talents
The Sable Rose Affair: scenario Bob McWilliams Issue 17 Feb/Mar 1980 16-20 "A Task Force Traveller Mini-Adventure"
Criminals: An additional livelihood for Travellers Trevor Graver Issue 19 Jun/Jul 1980 8-9 TBD
Star Patrol: Scout Service in Traveller Andy Slack Issue 20 Aug/Sept 1980 12-13 An expanded generation system procedure
Starbase: Setting up Traveller Campaigns Bob McWilliams Issue 20 Aug/Sept 1980 25 First installment of a regular column
Starbase: The Lift Bob McWilliams Issue 21 Oct/Nov 1980 26-27 A mini-scenario
Robe and Blaster: Upgrading Aristocracy in Traveller Rick D. Stuart Issue 22 Dec/Jan 1980/1981 11-12 TBD
Starbase: Port Facilities S. L. A. McIntyre Issue 22 Dec/Jan 1980/1981 23 TBD
An Interview with Marc Miller, the Creator of Traveller TBD Issue 23 Feb/Mar 1981 10-11 TBD
Starbase: Khazad-Class Seeker Starship Roger E. Moore Issue 23 Feb/Mar 1981 24 TBD
Setting up Traveller Campaigns: Backdrop of Stars Andy Slack Issue 24 Apr/May 1981 12-13 Reprinted in Best of the White Dwarf, V1
Starbase: Laser Swords and Foil Bob McWilliams Issue 24 Apr/May 1981 24 TBD
The Self-Made Traveller: Optional Skill Acquisition Trevor Graver Issue 25 Jun/Jul 1981 11 TBD
Blowout!: Vacc Suits in Traveller Andy Slack Issue 25 Jun/Jul 1981 21 TBD
Starbase Bob McWilliams Issue 25 Jun/Jul 1981 25 TBD

White Dwarf Issues 26 to 50[edit]

White Dwarf Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Date Page Remarks
Starbase: Jump Drive Problems Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 26 Aug/Sept 1981 14 Chance System by Stephen Cook, A Selection of Jump Drive Problems by John Roberts, Jump Drive Relativity by Bob McWilliams
Amber to Red: Scenario Neil Cheyne Issue 26 Aug/Sept 1981 17-19 The Prizewinning Traveller Scenario
The Imperial Secret Service Robert McMahon Issue 27 Oct/Nov 1981 10 Imperial Bureaucracy
Starbase: On the Cards Bob McWilliams Issue 27 Oct/Nov 1981 21 Reference system for weapons
Starbase: Sorry! Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 28 Dec/Jan 1981/1882 12-13 A Traveller Mini-scenario
On Target: Critical hit system Stephen Cook Issue 28 Dec/Jan 1981/1882 19 Wound and broken bones tables
Starport: The Mudskipper: A multi-terrain vehicle Dryden Badenoch Issue 29 Feb/Mar 1982 16 Reprinted in Best of the White Dwarf Vol 1
Weed War: Dinorian S. McIntyre Issue 29 Feb/Mar 1982 20-23 A Traveller Scenario
Androids in Traveller Roger E. Moore Issue 30 Apr/May 1982 10-11 A Bio-engineered Career for Traveller
Starport: Ideas for Traveller Bob McWilliams Issue 30 Apr/May 1982 23 Ideas for adventures
Prior Service in Traveller John Conquest Issue 31 Jun/Jul 1982 14-15 Alternative character generation for Navy and Marines
Starbase: Additional Detector Systems for Traveller Starships Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 31 Jun/Jul 1982 23 By Antony Cornell and Martin Barrett
STL: Slower than Light Ships Marcus L. Rowland Issue 32 Aug 1982 12 Slower-Than-Light Ships in Traveller
Starbase: Striker Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 32 Aug 1982 23 Design of Civilian Vehicles, featuring the Monteverdi T.T.402 Athena SL-2000, a four-seat civilian gravcar
Weapons for Traveller Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 33 Sep 1982 10-11 Flamethrower, Autoshotgun, and Snub Rifle by Ian Brotzman; Heavy Body Pistol by David Bell; Submachine Pistol, Shock Disablers, and Needle Rifle by Stephen Simkin; Stun Pistol and Stun Rifle by Adam Walker; Tonite Pistol and Carbine by Steve Cook; Plasma Pistol, Wiper, and Warper by Sean Masterson
Starbase: Guns for Sale Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 33 Sep 1982 17 Buying weapons in Traveller by [Steve Cook]]
Droids: Robots for Traveller Andy Slack Issue 34 Oct 1982 10-12 Examples include Dedicated Vehicle Droid (crewbot), Mechanical Droid, Heavy Mechanical Droid, Medical Rescue Servo, Robodoc, Engineering Droid, Valet Droid, Valet Android, Warbot, Guardbot
Starbase: Morality in Traveller Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 34 Oct 1982 25 Also features the Mahwrs by Duncan Bisatt, "intelligent bipedal creatures [that] inhabit an atmosphere 5 planet with hydrographics of 70%."
Starbase: We Have a referee Malfunction Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 35 Nov 1982 13 Tips for refereeing
Green Horizon Marcus L. Rowland Issue 35 Nov 1982 20-23 A 20th century Traveller scenario.
An Introduction to Traveller: Part 1 Andy Slack Issue 36 Dec 1982 16-17 Players and Characters
An Introduction to Traveller: Part 2 Andy Slack Issue 37 Jan 1983 12-13 Refereeing Traveller
Starbase: New vehicles Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 37 Jan 1983 27 The Striker Design Competition (Ling-Standard Products VG-D3000 MA31 Prospector Drone Vehicle)
An Introduction to Traveller: Part 3 Andy Slack Issue 38 Feb 1983 10-11 Scenarios
An Introduction to Traveller: Part 4 Andy Slack Issue 39 Mar 1983 18-19 Campaigns
Starbase: Stand by to repel boarders Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 39 Mar 1983 24 Starship Security in Traveller by Andrew Miller
Assignment: Survey! Andy Slack Issue 40 Apr 1983 26-27 Explorer Class Scoutships in Traveller
The Snowbird Mystery: Scenario Andy Slack Issue 41 May 1983 20-24 An undercover Traveller adventure
Starbase: The Covert Survey Bureau Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 41 May 1983 31 A new Imperial intelligence agency by Andy Slack
To Catch a Thief: Crime Perpetration and Prevention in Traveller Graham Staplehurst Issue 42 Jun 1983 12-13 Anti-Intruder Alarms, Locks, Identification, Witnesses and Evidence Collection, Personal Protection
Microview: Careers in Traveller Edited by Mike Costello Issue 42 Jun 1983 20-21 A BASIC Traveller character generation program by Marcus L. Rowland
Starbase: Vehicle Combat Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 43 Jul 1983 18 A fast and easy method of representing ground vehicles in combat by Andy Slack
Happy Landings: Starport Design in Traveller Thomas M. Price Issue 43 Jul 1983 26-28 Example plans of Class A and B starports
On ICE: Interstellar Charter Enterprises Marcus L. Rowland Issue 44 Aug 1983 10-11 An organization for Traveller scenarios and campaigns
Starbase: Gateway to Adventure Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 45 Sep 1983 16 An introduction to Traveller scenarios
Worldly Power: Additional government types Phil Masters Issue 46 Oct 1983 20-21 TBD
Starbase: Some new alien races for Traveller Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 47 Nov 1983 21 Phulgk'k'k'k and Ghashruan by Phil Masters
Database: Computers in Traveller Marcus L. Rowland Issue 48 Dec 1983 22-23 A few programs and accessories which might be found in a commercial or military spacecraft, and some suggestions for modifying the normal Traveller computer models
Shuttle Scuttle: A Traveller scenario for two opposing groups Thomas M. Price Issue 49 Jan 1984 10-13 A hijack scenario
Starbase: Fleets in Traveller Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 49 Jan 1984 21 A Fleeting Encounter: Book 2 Fleets by Andy Slack
A Few Small Formalities: Red Tape in Traveller Garth Nix Issue 50 Feb 1984 10-11 The complications, trials, and tribulations of bureaucracy at its worst.

White Dwarf Issues 51 to 100[edit]

White Dwarf Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Date Page Remarks
Starbase: Extending UPPs for NPCs Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 51 Mar 1984 20 Additional NPC characteristics for Traveller
To Live Forever: immortality in Traveller Andy Slack Issue 52 Apr 1984 24-26 Discusses means and implications of immortality, including anagathics, cloning, and personality transfers
Starbase: Three of a Kind Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 53 May 1984 31 NPCs for Traveller by Michael Clarke
Starbase: The Edge of Infinity Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 55 Jul 1984 47 Variant Universes in Traveller by Marcus L. Rowland
Plying the Spacelanes: Ship encounters in Traveller Paul Vernon Issue 56 Aug 1984 34-35 Adventure encounters of starships.
Skyrig: Traveller scenario Paul Ofmston Issue 57 Sep 1984 15-19 A Traveller adventure set on an orbiting refinery
Starbase: The Staurni Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 57 Sep 1984 32 An alien race for Traveller by Andy Slack
For a Few Credits More: Money in Traveller Thomas Price Issue 58 Oct 1984 34-35 The specie or currency of interstellar commerce.
Starbase: CORE: Consulary Office of Reconnaissance and Exploration Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 59 Nov 1984 38 Mysterious Zhodani scout / intelligence agency.
Boarding Stations Marcus L. Rowland Issue 60 Dec 1984 22-23 Spaceship boarding actions.
Starbase: The Motivated Traveller Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 61 Jan 1985 19 Character objectives for Traveller by Andy Slack
An Alien Werewolf in London: Traveller scenario Jae Campbell Issue 62 Feb 1985 25-29 A Traveller loose in Victorian London
Arms and the Man: Vehicle add-ons for Traveller Michael Holman Issue 63 March 1985 6-8 How to kill vehicles (and stop your vehicle from being killed)
Starbase: Imperial Trooper Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 63 March 1985 43 An elite fighting unit by Nic Weeks
Smile Please: A unique Traveller adventure Graham Miller Issue 65 May 1985 23-25 A Traveller adventure with personality
Starbase: The Other Imperium Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 65 May 1985 36 Civilian Organizations in Traveller by Michael Scott
Starbase: Worldy Wiles Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 67 Jul 1985 25 Social customs in Traveller by Anna Prince
Lone Dragon: A Traveller scenario Phil Masters Issue 68 Aug 1985 28-32 TBD
Starbase: Battle Stations Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 69 Sep 1985 38 Ship Combat Damage by J Evans and E Wilson
Dead or Alive: The Bounty Hunter as a career in Traveller Diane John and Richard John Issue 70 Oct 1985 27-28 Type H Hunter Starship
Starbase: Avionics Failures: Traveller space problems Edited by Bob McWilliams Issue 71 Nov 1985 28 Losing Your Long-Range Eyes by James Cooke
Tower Trouble: Traveller scenario Marcus L. Rowland Issue 71 Nov 1985 34-39 Illicit Traveller adventure
Starbase: 3-D Space Bob McWilliams Issue 73 Jan 1986 27 Traveller discussion of space
Mass Media: Communication in Traveller Andrew Smith Issue 75 Mar 1986 23 Communication breakdowns in Traveller
The Reliant Lifeboat/Launch Thomas M. Price Issue 80 Aug 1986 22-23 An escape craft for Traveller
Mercy Mission: Traveller adventure Simon Lewis Issue 82 Oct 1986 31-36 A scientific scenario

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Starting with issue 100 (May 1988) Games Workshop announced that all future White Dwarf issues would be devoted exclusively to in-house Games Workshop games.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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