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Thomas M. Price is a Traveller artist, author, contributor, and fan.

  • He has also been credited as Tim Price.
  • All of the names are pen names of a UK Army Officer currently serving at the Defence Academy of the UK.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Thomas has been very generous sharing his Traveller materials with the wiki for which it is very grateful.

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Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Life Boat
  2. Reliant class Lifeboat
  3. Starport

Image Repository[edit]

  1. Starport
    1. Starport-A
      Starport-A Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    2. Starport-A-NB
      Starport-A-NB Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    3. Starport-A-SB
      Starport-A-SB Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    4. Starport-A-SB-Igakuda-Down (Plain)
      Starport-A-SB-Igakuda-Dwon Thomas-Peters 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    5. Starport-A-SB-Igakuda-Down (Annotated)
      Starport-A-Igakuda-Down-Thomas-Peters 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    6. Starport-B
      Starport-B Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    7. Starport-B-NB
      Starport-B-NB Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    8. Starport-B-SB
      Starport-B-SB Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    9. Starport-C
      Starport-C Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    10. Starport-C-SB
      Starport-C-SB Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    11. Starport-D
      Starport-D Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    12. Starport-D-SB
      Starport-D-SB Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    13. Starport-E
      Starport-E Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg
    14. Starport-E-SB
      Starport-E-SB Thomas-Price 30-Dec-2018a.jpg

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This person has been involved with Traveller in the following ways:

  1. Author in White Dwarf (Periodical)
    1. White Dwarf 49, Article:Shuttle Scuttle in Issue 49.
    2. White Dwarf 57, 1984 by Thomas M. Price in article: "Happy Landings! Starport Design in Traveller"
    3. White Dwarf 58, Article: For a Few Credits More, Issue 58
    4. White Dwarf 80, pp 22-23, Article: The "Reliant" Lifeboat/Launch

Traveller RPG Wiki Participation[edit]

This person has participated at the wiki sharing both writing and art.

Bibliography-Ludography (Published Products)[edit]

This person has authored, contributed, playtested, or otherwise participated in the publication of the following products:

Publications where this person is mentioned in the credits

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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