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A Fiber Optic Computer, also notated as Fibre Optic Computer is a specially hardened computer most often used in military ships.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

It is a computer whose logic circuits are constructed from fibre optic conduits. Such computers are less vulnerable to radiation effects than normal electronic computers and for this reason are often used on military vessels.

Selected Ship's Computer Types[edit]

  1. Model/1 Computer
  2. Model/2 Computer
  3. Model/3 Computer
  4. Model/4 Computer
  5. Model/5 Computer
  6. Model/6 Computer
  7. Model/7 Computer
  8. Model/8 Computer
  9. Model/9 Computer

Selected Ship's Computer Modifiers[edit]

  1. bis
  2. fib
  3. flt

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Hard radiation is a serious problem in deep space, or even with interplanetary space, the stellar system. It wreaks havoc on electronics, especially conventional electronics. Fiber Optic Computers were one of the solutions to minimize damage from radiation in deep space.

Expected Computer Development Sequence[edit]


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