Droyne (Alien Module)

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Droyne 200.jpg
The Last of the Ancients
Author J. Andrew KeithMarc MillerJohn Harshman
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 48
Year Published 1985
Canonical Yes
Available from RPGNow
Also See Droyne
Product #259

Droyne (Alien Module) is a Game Designers Workshop product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Reptilian aliens with the potential to rule the entire galaxy. We know because they did some 300,000 years ago. Now, they seem content to farm the fields of their few planets and to maintain a much lower profile. Are they biding their time? Do they plan to again rule every planet they can see? Or is there some reason why they have retreated to their few worlds?

The Droyne are known to be descendants of the Ancients, a powerful race that dominated all of known space thousands of years ago, and then destroyed itself in one final war. Droyne, Traveller Alien Module 5, describes in detail this fallen race, its history, its technology, and its society.

This Alien Module includes everything you need to role-play the Droyne as player-charachters or as NPCs. Chapters cover:

  • Droyne Evolution, History, and Culture: Detailed essays on how the Droyne reached their peak, and what they have done since.
  • Chirpers: Information about the regressed sub-Droyne race that is found on many worlds within the Imperium.
  • Droyne Character Generation: The six basic Droyne castes and each one's three subcastes.
  • Droyne Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have Mercenary and High Guard to make full use of them).
  • World Generation: tables and rules for creating Droyne worlds.
  • Droyne Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for ventures onto Droyne worlds.
  • Droyne Word Generation: Fast and easy generation of Droyne names and words - to add depth to any Droyne adventure.
  • Droyne Territory: Maps and world data on the Droyne worlds within the Imperium - their locations, their UPPs, and short histories. Many Droyne worlds outside the Imperium remain undiscovered and unmapped.
  • Droyne Psionics: Details of special Droyne psionic powers.
  • And Adventure: The scenario in this module allows players and referee to actually participate in an alien Droyne culture using the background and data provided for role-playing with these alien characters.

Table of Contents[edit]

Droyne (Alien Module)
Section Page/s
Diagrams of Droyne Anatomy IFC
Introduction 1
The Rise of the Droyne 3
The History of the Droyne 4
Droyne Society 8
Droyne Physiology 11
Droyne Castes 12
The Ancients Puzzle 14
Psionics 15
Flying 17
Droyne Character Generation 18
Droyne Personal Combat 25
Droyne High Guard Characters 26
Droyne Mercenary Characters 30
Droyne World Generation 34
Rituals and Ceremonies 36
Droyne Encounters 38
The Language of the Droyne 40
Droyne Starships and Space Travel 42
The Ancients 44
The Oynssork (adventure) 46
Droyne Worlds in Charted Space (map) IBC

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Chirper
  2. Coyn
  3. Dreskay
  4. Droyne
  5. Droynia (world)
  6. Esivoy
  7. Eskayloyt (world)
  8. Final War
  9. Iyuksim
  10. Mechanical Wings
  11. Oynprith
  12. Oynssork
  13. Oytrip
  14. Tyafelm

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Equipment[edit]

  1. TBD

Selected Ships[edit]

Droyne Oytrip Yatroy - Droyne Navy:

  1. Type AD class Trader
    1. Droyne Trader
  2. Type CD class Cruiser
    1. Type A7 class Cruiser AKA Droyne Cruiser
  3. Type SD class Scout
    1. Droyne Scout

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Droyne (Alien Module) is the fifth Alien Module for Classic Traveller looks at the Droyne, the Major Race that seem to break all the rules because they appear to be content to live placid lives on pastoral planets, with none of the drive that characterizes other Major Races.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design J. Andrew Keith, Marc Miller, and John Harshman
Cover Illustration David Deitrick
Artwork David Deitrick, Bryan Gibson, Dick Hentz, and Steve Venters
Art Direction Paul R. Banner

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