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The Oynssork is an ancient artifact believed to be of Droyne provenance.

  • It was recovered by unknown parties and was turned over to the Imperial government.
  • No one knows what it does or how it works, but it is believed to be an extremely high technology device.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This relic, the oynssork, looks like a glob of frozen silver capped with a black hemisphere. Some theorize that it is a black globe holder; others think it is a magic camera. No one knows what the oynssork is. The drones say that it was a gift from Yaskoydray and that it watches over the casting ceremonies, sometimes controlling them.

Oynsork Theories[edit]

Some of the prevailing theories are:

  1. The oynssork is a combination disintegrator and personal shield. Most people would expect it to be an Ancient artifact, left over from the Final War, but it is not. Instead, it was a simple hand weapon carried by Yaskoydray for personal defense. When he last visited the kroyloss' oytrip some 70,000 years ago, he left it behind (...maybe he was just a bit absent-minded; maybe he gave it to the oytrip's Leader of Leaders as a present). In any case, the oynssork has since gained its status as a relic from Yaskoydray.
  2. The oynssork is carried in the hand; it has a soft metal grip that conforms to the hand when inserted through the loop, which then tightens to support the wrist. With a hand inserted, the device is activated. When active, the disintegrator can be fired by thinking of a target. As a safety feature, the target is then clouded in the users mind by the oynssork; when the user then focusses his mind on the target, it is disintegrated.
  3. The oynssork also provides a personal shield. When activated, detectors in the device sense any objects approaching at more than 10 kilometers per hour and automatically comes on to stop them. The actual shield effect forms a portion of a globe approximately 5 meters in radius, and only in the direction of the threat. The shield automatically turns off when the threat is removed.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

It is a treasured Droyne relic which the local oytrip has held in reverent safekeeping for thousands of years. Many visitors of the Droyne have seen the oynssork many times; it has occupied a place of honor in the casting tent when each was casted. Many Droyne drones feet that the oynssork is essential to the casting ceremonies of the oyntrip.

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