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a Droyne social institution[1]


When a young Droyne reaches maturity, it leave the tyafelm to join or form another, usually within the same dreskay, almost always within the same oytrip. Finding another tyafelm, however, is sometimes a difficult proposition. For many youths, existing agreements with other families provides an automatic opportunity to join another extended family. But many Droyne are driven by conflicting motivations. Their young are more curious, inquiring, and more anxious to learn more about their world and their universe. At the same time they feel incomplete when apart from their family, when separated from other Droyne. The answer, arrived at over the course of millennia, is the institution know as the Kroyloss.

After a period of wandering or mutual endeavour, a Kroyloss may break up (with its members leaving to join other tyafelm), or it may transform into a tyafelm as the individuals grow older. Thus, the Kroyloss is a sort of pre-family. But Kroylosses have few of the responsibilities of tyafelm. They can wander in search of adventure, or they may build a business or enterprise. A Kroyloss may be a kind of partnership which which operates a starship in merchant trading, or may form a small military unit for hire (e.g. The Deep Guardians[2]). Although one particular caste may predominate in a Kroyloss, there is at least one of each caste represented. Kroylosses have a minimum size of six (one of each Esorde), and may range in size as large as 20 or more.

Kroylosses are less bound by the standards of society. They can purse interests that families might not. They can explore, prospect, innovate. They allow wandering and adventuring and excitement. But Kroylosses also provide something that Droyne need: companionship. Except for the sport caste, Droyne need the companionship of others in their daily lives.

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