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An oytrip (sometimes misspelled oyntrip by human scholars) is a collection of dreskayin, a Droyne community, usually geographic in nature. The oytrip is communal in nature, sharing resources for the common good, each caste contributing its abilities and services to the overall community's needs. Most oytripin are simple, pastoral communities devoted to agriculture, hunting and gathering, or similar functions. On more sophisticated Droyne worlds, or in integrated settings with mixed racial habitation, an oytrip may specialize in manufacturing, trade, or even in a military role.

Within a single oytrip, social relations are quite smooth and well-regulated. Natural leaders emerge to deal with each specific problem that comes up. The Dreskayin within the oytrip are answerable to the Leader-of-Leaders. Drones within the oytrip constitute a separate advisory council, as well as being responsible for casting of the young Droynes.

The leaders have absolute and unquestioned authority, but would no more think of misusing that authority than they would consider destroying the entire oytrip for no reason.


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