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A Personal Shield is self-defense device, used most effectively at lower tech levels.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

All shields except the Repulsor are held by an armstrap and a handle, and require one arm and hand to use. They cannot be used with two-handed weapons without compromising the protections of the sheild or effective use of the weapon. Two-handed weapons include broadswords, pole-arms, all slugthrowers except pistols, shotguns, and carbines, and all energy weapons except laser carbines. All shields require a strength of 8 to properly protect their bearer unless otherwise specified.

Shield Types[edit]

Types of personal shields include:

  • Small Shield (TL-1) : A 60cm diameter wooden shield, common at primitive tech levels. It gives resonable protection against hand-to-hand weapons, and no protection against projectile and energy weapons. 3kg. cr10.
  • Large Shield (TL-1) : A larger version of the small shield. usually l0Ocm by 6Ocm. It gives better protection against hand-to-hand weapons, and no protection against projectile and energy weapons. It requires a strength of A+ to use properly. 5kg. cr25.
  • Small Shield (TL-1) : A metal shield 60cm in Diameter similar to the TL 0 small shield, but stronger. it gives a more protection against hand-to-hand weapons, and a little against projectile weapons, It gives no protection against energy weapons. 5kg. cr30.
  • Collapsable Shield (TL-7) : A collapsable plastic shield , usually transparent, often used by police forces. When open it is 100cm by 60cm, and is 20cm by 20cm when collapsed. While it offers some protection against small arms fire (and none for energy weapons) it primary purpose is to protect against improvised hand weapons. 1kg . cr75.
  • Reflec Shield (TL-9) : A 40cm diameter plastic shield with a reflec coating to deflect laser bolts. It gives some protection against hand-to-hand weapons and projectile weapons, it adds great protection against lasers. It gives no protection against high-energy weapons and requires a dexterity of 8+ to properly use. 1kg. cr100.
  • Repulsor Belt (TL-15) : Working on the same principlcs as a grav belt, the repulsor belt uses a gray field and computer micro-processor to repel all fast-moving objects moving towards the wearer. It extends 40cm from the wearer in all directions; thus he or she may fight ( provided he or she holds the weapons outside the field), but most enemy attacks will be deflected. It gives good protection against hand-to-hand weapons, great against projectile weapons, and no protection against lasers. High energy weapons do only 1/2 damage, as most of the blast is fast-moving super heated plasma. Most of the plasma is deflected, and the majority of damage is due to heat. 5 kg. cr150.000 .

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

From TL-2 to TL-6 shields are rarely used, as they provide little defence against fire-arms.

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