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Computer Software or Programs are a key part of the success of modern computer technology. A great variety of programs are available that serve nearly every conceivable need.


Computer Software: Computers are specified in terms of their capacity to process and store programs. All programs in the computer's CPU are processed simultaneously, while programs in storage are available on a revolving basis to replace those in the CPU as needed. For example, a model/1 computer has a CPU capacity of two, and an additional storage capacity of four. The computer might have in it six programs (each of size or space one): “Return fire,” “Predict-1,” “Gunner interact,” “Auto/evade,” “Maneuver,” and “Target.” Of these six, only two (the capacity limit of the CPU) can function at any one time. [1]

Specific programs may be removed from the computer and others inserted. A starship might operate both “Jump-1” and “Navigation” programs for the performance of an interstellar jump. Both programs would be fed into the computer, but only after sufficient space had been cleared (…perhaps by removing the “Maneuver” and “Auto-evade” programs). [2]

Selected Computer Programs[edit]

Offensive Programs:

Defensive Programs:

Routine Programs:

Other Programs:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Software within Charted Space is intentionally built to work under a number of different operating systems, different technology levels of computers, and the computers operating them are extensively toughened for hard use under vacuum if necessary.

Standard Software Package[edit]

Each computer comes with a software package of programs for use with the equipment. Because each computer may be put to a different use, their software package consists of a credit in MCr equal to the model number of the computer (treat 1 bis and 2 bis as 1 and 2 respectively). This credit may not be converted to cash. [12]

Computer programs (…especially starship programs as required for starship operations) are available, athough for relatively high price. It is also possible that such programs may be written by crew members with computer skill. The individual must have access to a computer which will handle the intended program, knowledge of the skill being incorporated, and no other duties, responsibilities, or distractions during each week of work programming. [13]

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