Model/1 Computer

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Model/1 computer
Type Computer
Tech Level TL–5
Cost MCr 2
Size 1 Ton
Weight 1 ton

The most basic standard model of Ship's Computer, the Model/1 Computer runs programs that control shipboard functions such as interstellar jumps, and in-system navigation. It can also execute multiple applications including anti virus software, entertainment programs, routine communications, passive security programs, and monitors life support systems. In addition to starships, the Model/1 can monitor and control facilities using the same programs.

Computers are specified in terms of their capacity to process and store programs. All programs in the computer's CPU are processed simultaneously, while programs in storage are available on a revolving basis to replace those in the CPU as needed

Computer control is through connected Workstations. These may be connected to the Model/1 through hard links or other communications systems. In almost all cases where the Model/1 controls a given ship or facility function (gravity, doors, sensors etc.), orders fed in at the central workstation, like the bridge of a ship, take precedence over those fed in at local controls.

There are two additional versions of the Model/1. The Model/1bis computer is an version of the standard Model/1 with greater program handling capability at the expense of storage. A Model/1fib is a Fiber Optic Computer, a hardened and shielded version that has a fiber optic back-up system to resist radiation damage.

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