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The Gunner Program is designed to achieve accurate fire from shipboard weaponry. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Offensive programs are intended to allow the use of weapons mounted on a ship to damage or destroy enemy vessels.

  • Gunner interact interfaces the expertise of the gunner in a specific turret to the hit probability of those shipboard weapons hitting the target.
  • The expertise of the gunner contributes to the accuracy of the shipboard weaponry.
  • While most systems are designed to work in conjunction with a sophont gunner, the Fire Control Program (q.v.) and Virtual Gunner Program (below) allow fully automated weapons systems.

The Gunner Program is a specialist form of the generic Expert Program and can be mimicked by using Expert(Gunnery).[2]

The Virtual Gunner Program[3] allows the Ship's Computer to act as if it were a Gunner (or multiple Gunners).

(Users of the Virtual Gunner Program are reminded that "accidental" discharge causing damage to another's person or property is potentially liable to a civil action for damages and/or criminal charges - See Imperial Law).

Selected Computer Programs[edit]

Offensive Programs:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Software within Charted Space is intentionally built to work under a number of different operating systems, different technology levels of computers, and to be extensively toughened for hard use under vacuum if necessary. [9]

The Software List: The computer software list, available at nearly any software vendor or port, indicates the various programs that are available. It shows space required by a specific program in CPU or storage, its price in MCr, and its title. Also shown is a brief overview of its effects. [10]

Software Authorship: Various requirements exist for individual characters producing existng or new programs. Such a course can save money, but may have some pitfalls. Program generation is explained elsewhere. [11]

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