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The purpose of Survival Gear is to allow a person to operate in an environment where that is not possible without aid.


Survival Gear is aimed at meeting physiological needs of Sophonts in challenging environments including:

  • Breathable Air Supply
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Water Supply
  • Food Supply
  • Protection from other adverse physical conditions (e.g. Wind abrasion, Chemical effects, etc)

Also called Exploration Gear when not required in an emergency, and used for working in wilderness conditions on planetary surfaces. In addition to the categories listed above it includes sensors to confirm the quality of the operating environment, communicators to provide or transmit information regarding location, and mobility gear to assist in getting around.

Many of the items are included in different survival kits supplied for emergency conditions. These items are recommended when traveling outside of civilized locales.

For the list of specific items in this category see Survival gear.

Primary equipment by environment[edit]

Climbing gear[edit]

Cold environment gear[edit]

Desert environment gear[edit]

Survival tools[edit]

Water environment gear[edit]

Secondary equipment by type[edit]

Breathing apparatus[edit]

Communications Gear[edit]

No goods in Food and Drink


Sensory Aid[edit]

Personal mobility[edit]

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