Emergency Flasher

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Emergency Flasher
Type Emitter
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr30
Size 0.12 liters
Weight 0.1 kg

An Emergency Flasher is a 25mm by 80 mm disc constructed of plasteel and transparent plastic. It contains 16 small, but very bright lights which flash in one of a dozen different patterns to alert other to an emergency situation. Many of the patterns are automatically recognized by vehicle auto-piloting software. The lights can be seen up to 300 meters in daylight, and 1,000 meters at night.

It has both a very strong magnet and an electrostatic sticky pad, allowing it to be attached to (and removed from) any surface. Operates in any atmosphere or underwater from vacuum to 10 atmospheres. Floats if not attached to anything. Operating temperature range is -150°C to +110°C. Run on a small battery that operates for 60 hours.