Portable Weather Station

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Portable Weather Station
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–9
Cost Cr15,000
Size 250 liters
Weight 20 kg

The Portable Weather Station consists of a large sensor device which collects and displays current meteorological conditions such as barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, electron flux density, wind speed, etc., and collects them into a convenient, easy-to-read form.

A dish antenna is integral to the station and can be used to relay data to a ship's computer for further analysis if required. In this way, a fairly detailed meteorological picture of the immediate area can be found.

The PWS is powered by a solar array or by rechargeable internal batteries. Internal batteries have a life of about 2,000 hours before recharging is necessary.

The PWS is designed so that it can be carried on the back or by two integrally molded handles. A typical unit is about 1m wide by 1m long by 25 cm deep and weighs about 20kg. It costs about Cr15,000, a spare dish antenna costs Cr300 each.

The PWS is designed for use in all conditions of extreme heat and cold (operating range -75°C to +50°C). But in insidous atmospheres, the unit will fail within twelve hours. The device is supplied with extensive circuit protection for operations in radioactive and other ionizing conditions.

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