Very Cold Weather Clothing

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Very Cold Weather Clothing
Type Protective Gear
Tech Level TL–9
Cost Cr 1,050
Size 4 litres
Weight 4 kg

Very Cold Weather Clothing (VCWC) is a set of clothing, worn in extremely cold weather. The VCWC consists of a one-piece set of thermal underwear which covers the whole body, including the hands, feet, head and all of the face except the eyes, a pair of boots, a pair of inner gloves, a pair of outer gloves, an inner thermal coverall, an outer coverall, with a waterproof outer layer, a hood, facemask, and goggles. The underwear and the goggles are electrically heated. The underwear is worn over an external catheter; urine is directed, via heated tubes down one leg and out through an opening in the sole of one of the boots.

These suits are guaranteed to keep the wearer alive, if not comfortable, at temperatures of -100°C. Some users have claimed to have successfully used the VCWC at lower temperatures, but these reports have not been verified. The battery in VCWC is usually powered by a body generator, which is incorporated into the suit.

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