Atmospheric Water Generator

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Atmospheric Water Generator
Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–15
Cost Cr450
Size 10 liters
Weight 2 kg
Manufacturer Ling-Standard Products

The Atmospheric Water Generator consists of a base unit and a 1-liter container. The system produces one liter of water in conditions of 40% humidity in Standard atmosphere in 4 hours, and has a storage capacity of 1 liter. The speed of production will vary inversely with humidity and atmospheric pressure. The 50-gram battery, costs 10 Cr, and will power the unit for 4 liters, at which point it must be recharged. The unit contains storage for three batteries other than the one in use, and will automatically switch to a charged one. The system includes a filter which allows it to be used in most tainted atmospheres as well.

The accessory pack for the unit includes: cables to connect it to standard vehicular, starship, or residential power sources; a roll-up 1 m^2 solar panel that will charge the batteries in 4 to 12 hours under most conditions of solar exposure; a 2-liter rigid, 4 liter rigid and 4 liter bladder container; a belt case for the unit with the 1 liter container installed that also stores the solar panel and an additional 8 batteries; a larger case that contains the unit and all accessories, which can be used to contain and operate it in any configuration, including filling the entire 11 liters of containers; and 12 batteries. The entire package weighs 2 kg, with all the containers empty.

The specific AWG415, built by Ling-Standard Products, is a TL–15 unit, that costs Cr450.

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