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Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–1
Cost Cr10
Size 4 liters
Weight 2 kg

A Tarpaulin or tarp is a waterproof sheet used for temporary shelter. A Reflectorized Tarpaulin protects against radiated heat.

A tarpaulin is typically a sheet of a heavy, strong textile that is resistant to the effects of weather. Versions manufactured at higher tech levels may have fluid-repelling coatings or be made from artificial fibers. A standard tarpaulin measures 2x4 meters. There are grommets around the edges to serve as tie-down or anchor points.

A tarpaulin is a versatile item with many uses. It is most commonly utilized as a component to construct temporary shelters, to cover vehicles, equipment, and supplies, or to act as a screen.

A tarpaulin included in a survival kit will typically have a high visibility finish. Commercial or military types may be plain, printed with logos, or be camouflaged.