Reflectorized Tarpaulin

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Reflectorized Tarpaulin
Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–7
Cost Cr400
Size 2 liters
Weight 1 kg

A Reflectorized Tarpaulin, a specialized form of Tarpaulin, is a protective sheet used for temporary shelter. It is a large reinforced aluminized sheet which reduces incoming radiation by reflection measuring 5x10 meters with grommets around the edges to serve as tie-down or anchor points. A reflectorized tarpaulin has a shiny, highly visible surface.

A reflectorized tarpaulin is most commonly used to construct or protect temporary shelters, or to protect vehicles, equipment and supplies. A reflectorized tarpaulin is relatively light and flimsy compared to a standard tarpaulin manufactured from a heavy fabric but covers a far larger area.

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