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Hoist, mechanical
Type Tool
Tech Level TL–1
Cost Cr50
Size 20 liters
Weight 10kg
capacity 500kg

A mechanical hoist is used to haul heavy weights (supplies, people, etc.) up walls and steep slopes. Hoists of this type rely on people to furnish the lift. A mechanical hoist can be built to almost any specifications, and the size of the load is limited only by the breaking point of the rope.

Hoist, powered
Type Tool
Tech Level TL–5
Cost Cr100
Size 40 liters
Weight 25kg
capacity 1000kg

A powered hoist replaces the mechanical hoist around TL–5TL–7. A power source (generator, engine, etc.) is required; this replaces the need for individuals to haul a load up by brute strength.

Hoist, climbing
Type Climbing gear
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr175
Size 0.5 liters
Weight 1.5kg
capacity 175kg

This hoist is a battery-powered motor which drives a reel with 25 meters of cable. It has a hook on one side for attachment to a belt or harness and another hook on the opposite side for the cable. A rocker switch in the handle controls direction and an adjustable clutch controls speed; the reel can also freewheel. Power lasts for about one hour before the batteries need replacing. A hand brake can lock the cable in position and a centrifugal brake keeps the cable from unwinding too rapidly

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