Tent heater

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Tent heater
Type Emitter
Tech Level TL–6
Cost Cr75
Size 3.5 liters
Weight 3.6kg

The tent heater is a device to provide heat using hydrocarbon fuel burned over a catalytic pad so there is no open flame. It provides an average 1.5 Kilo-joules of heat, enough to keep spaces up to 18 square meters (like a tent or a cabin) warm depending upon external conditions. The 3 liter tank provides fuel for up to 12 hours. Most versions have a thermostat to adjust for a comfortable temperature. Fuel comes in metal or plastic containers of 4 liters or in pressurized disposable canisters which weigh 450 grams and provide 6 hours use. An adapter kit is necessary to use the pressurized canisters and costs 10 Cr.

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