Grav Parachute

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Grav Parachute
Type Personal mobility
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr2,500
Size 15.0 liters
Weight 15.0 kg

Utilizing a basic grav technology, the grav chute is a compromise between the expense of grav equipment and the basic problems of regular parachutes.

Please see Gravcraft or Gravity control technology for more information.

Please see Parachute for a lower-tech, related device.

A simple grav module capable of nullifying a portion of the individual’s body weight (but not of providing motive power, as with the Grav Belt) is worn as part of the chute harness; a conventional parawing is also deployed. Because the grav module can alter the effective weight of the jumper, it can be used to reduce the distance required for chute deployment by a factor of roughly three-fourths (thus chute deployment is not necessary until an altitude of about 50 meters). Varying the grav setting can also be used to alter the rate of descent, which is a particularly useful ability when staging a military raid.

The grav chute cannot fully offset body weight (normally) and certainly cannot provide lift; the small size of the power pack and the nature of the grav module itself will not permit this.

The parawing is used for steering, to back up the module in case of failure, and is necessary to check the final portion of the descent. It is virtually impossible for a jumper to miss a given target area using a grav chute.

The power pack is capable of operation for a total of five minutes. Power packs can be recharged from the usual power services or replaced at a cost of Cr500.

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