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10 dTon Fuel Truck
Tech Level TL–9
Mass 22 dtons
Cost Cr 1,274,075
Mode Drive (Wheeled)
Type Commercial Vehicle
Speed 75kph (45kph)
Cargo 10 dTons Fuel
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Manufacturer Becker GmbH
Created using New Traveller: Vehicle Handbook


The 10 dTon Fuel Truck is designed to deliver fuel to urban locations. The articulated design allows the fuel wagon to manoeuvre around relatively tight corners that occur in some settlements.

The 10 dTon part of the vehicle's name refers to the volume of fuel delivered by each truck. This fuel is refrigerated at cryogenic temperatures. Because of the danger of fire, the 10 dTon Fuel Truck is fully equipped with Fire Extinguishers. Whether they would be effective is a matter of debate amongst the drivers.

The vehicle is fully sealed for operation in a Vacuum, and has one airlock. The Driver's seat has good all-round visibility, but the light conditions on most spaceports make seeing into shadows very difficult - and thus the cab comes with lights and other sensors to allow the driver to move safely.

The cab itself has a slightly cramped environment for the driver - who may be in it for some hours. It does not have food or fresher facilities as most delivery routes for these vehicles are under an hour. But is does have a good quality sound system. Additionally, to enable the management to direct the vehicle as required, the vehicle comes with Radio communications and on-board Computer systems.


Becker GmbH produced these vehicles to deliver refined fuel to urban locations on the various moons and large asteroids of the New Earth System. It is one of the major designs - others also exist. The vehicle is not recommended for use off-road.

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