Shadan class Survey Robot

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Shadan survey robot
Tech Level TL–12
Mass 1390kg
Cost kCr410
Mode Ground (Wheeled)
Type Survey Vehicle
Speed 270kph road/85kph offroad
Cargo 0
Crew 0
Passengers 0
Armament none

The Shadan class Survey Robot is one of the more innovative robot designs from Naasirka. It is a general purpose survey robot, built to survey world surfaces for a variety of purposes. It possesss a resonable intelligence, and has a useful array of skill programs.

The onboard fuel cell provides power for 120 days, half that in an unoxygenated atmosphere. In addition to the normal robot sensors, the Shadan carries a Distant range active/passive EMS array, a neutrino sensor, Densitometer, radiation sensor and a sensitive magnetic sensor.

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