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A Neutrino Sensor is an electronic device used to detect neutrinos and other high energy particles.

  • It is a type of sensor.
  • Neutrino sensors rely on accurate metrics.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Neutrino Sensor, a development of research into subatomic particles, is the instrument used most often for detecing high energy sources. It is able to detect and measure fusion reactions such as those that occur within starship power plants or stars, and is equally sensitive to fission reactions and antimatter annihilation. A sufficiently advanced device may be able to detect neutrinos emanating from the decay of natural radioactive substances such as deposits of ore.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Neutrino Sensors are available from TL-10 onwards.

  • TL-10 neutrino sensors are prototype miniaturized models. They can measure the bearing towards the neutrino source but not the distance.

Since neutrinos travel in straight lines from their source, it is easy to determine to direction to their source. The range to the source must be determined by dispersion of the particles rather than by attenuation because of the distance. Because of this property of neutrinos, to pinpoint the exact range to the source requires that the sensor take multiple readings over a period of time.

Technological Overview of Sensory Devices[edit]

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