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RADAR is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging

Description (Specifications)[edit]

RADAR is a sensor system that bounces radio waves (electromagnetic energy) off of a target and detects the reflection.

  • It is an active sensor.
  • More advanced versions of RADAR may be capable of tight beam transmissions.
  • RADAR apparatus can be designed to perform a specialist role, such as Terrain Following RADAR or ground penetrating RADAR.

All-weather RADAR[edit]

RADAR performance can be impaired by atmospheric conditions: all-weather RADAR has improved function in a variety of environmental conditions.

RADAR Direction Finder[edit]

RADAR broadcasts can be detected by many sensor systems: a RADAR Direction Finder specifically locates RADAR devices based on the radio waves that they emit. It consists of a receiving array (typically a dish) and a control and interface unit.

  • It is a passive sensor.
  • A RADAR Direction Finder can detect signals across a variety of wavelength bands.
  • It is able to precisely pinpoint the source of a RADAR broadcast.


  • RADAR can be countered by EMM (electromagnetic masking – "stealth" technology)
  • It can be confused or overwhelmed by RADAR Jammers.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

RADAR is limited by realspace physics. The EM broadcasts that the RADAR produces take time to reach their target and their echoes take an equal amount of time to bounce back to the sensor apparatus.

  • A RADAR broadcast travels at approximately 300,000 km per second. For example, a RADAR tracking a target at a distance of 900,000 km will have a signal delay of 6 seconds (3 seconds for the EM broadcast to reach the target and 3 seconds for its echoes to return).

Technological Overview of Sensory Devices[edit]

Technological Overview of RADAR Technology[edit]

  • RADAR is available from TL–5 onwards.
  • Military RADAR's start as large ground-based facilities, but are eventually miniaturized to a point here smaller atmospheric fighter aircraft can carry them.
  • Consumer RADAR devices generally become available at TL–7 including speed registering devices and jammers for Ground Cars.

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