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Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–13
Cost Cr15,000
Size 15 liters
Weight 15 kg
Handheld Densitometer
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–15
Cost Cr25,000
Size 3 liters
Weight 2 kg

The remote Densitometer is an outgrowth of gravity control technology and uses an object’s natural gravity to measure its density. The TL–13 densitometer is a backpack unit with a bulky detector array and handheld visual display control panel. The TL–15 model is mounted on a wide, heavy belt and has a smaller display panel connected by a short range radio link (or cable if necessary). Both consume approximately 100 watts of power.

The densitometer records scan data in a three-dimensional matrix. The matrix is processed by the densitometer’s computer to provide a 3-dimensional density map of the scanned object or region. Large massive objects (like starships) can be located out to planetary range, while smaller objects (vehicles, heavy metal deposits) can be located at very distant range or less.

The fields produced by grav thrusters disrupt the densitometer. Any expecting person can "spoof" the densitometer by planting multiple objects of the appropriate density, or hiding the target object within a larger mass.