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Becker Adler
Becker Adler.jpg
Adler Seating Plan
Tech Level TL–9
Mass 4 dtons
Cost Cr 246,781
Mode Flyer(Grav)
Type Passenger Vehicle
Speed 300kph (225kph)
Cargo .7 dtons
Crew 1
Passengers 5
Manufacturer Becker GmbH
Created using New Traveller: Vehicle Handbook


The Becker Adler is not optimised for speed, but for maximising cargo and passengers. It can seat 6 and carry 0.7 dTons of cargo.

Flight controls are joy-stick based. The craft includes Enhanced Control Systems making it very manoeuvrable. Each seat is provided with 4-point seat-belts to prevent the crew and passengers from accidentally exiting the vehicle in flight. (n.b. At top speed, the air passing the open top of the vehicle is the equivalent of an F4 tornado!)

It has Radio Communications, an Entertainment System, an Onboard Computer, Sensors (to avoid mid-air collision), Autopilot and Improved Navigation Systems.


This vehicle was Becker's first sortie into air-rafts and produced them as the colony started to need additional vehicles due to expansion and wear-and-tear.

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