Carer Droid

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Carer droid
Tech Level TL–11
Mass 3m3
Cost Cr50,000
Mode Ground (Wheeled)
Type Service Vehicle
Speed 20kph
Cargo o
Crew o
Passengers 0

A robot, designed for the care of a disabled person or to be used as a nurse or nurse’s assistant. Carer droids run from an inbuilt CPU and can carry out and hold up to five different commands at one time. Carer droids can be programmed for around twelve hundred complex tasks. Carer droids are usually large units, roughly oblong in shape, tapering towards the top. These droids are around 1600mm high and 800mm wide at the base. They can extend up to 3000mm in height. Carer droids feature two arms, which are tipped with servo-grips, which can manipulate human tools. These arms can lift and manipulate a patient, help them to walk, bathe them or help them to bathe, prepare drinks and food and can assist in dressing, hobbies or crafts, entertaining, and using appliances, such as HV or a computer. The droid can move up stairs or ramps, using its own motors, carrying equipment, or the patient. Carer droids are designed to be very bottom-heavy, allowing them to safely lift and manipulate a heavy patient. They have a built-in phone and computer screen, with wireless computer capabilities, allowing the droid to show the patient a large screen to help with reading, computer use, or HV viewing. This droid has a small remote unit, which can detach from the droid, wheel to the patient and check on them. This is particularly useful when the droid is charging; the remote unit, which is about the size of a large cat and runs on wheels, can go to the patient when called and answer questions or fetch the droid, if it is needed. These droids are mounted on narrow-gauge, soft polymer caterpillar tracks, with a 360° turning arc. They come complete with a re-charger hutch, control software, and an built-in set of tools; including self-cleaning tools, hose with massage capability, padded lifting arms, kitchen tools, and various other devices. These droids can operate both indoors and outdoors. They are capable of carrying their user, like an automated wheelchair, to a shopping centre, public transport terminus, or the like, returning home, letting themselves into the home, re-charging and coming back to collect their user when called on a telephone. Carer droids can often be hired.

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