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Known Vargr Psionic Institutes (2017)[edit]

From Malmstein's Gvurrdon Sectorbook:

  • Coyotl - a Psionic Institute built into a 2000dT Vargr Bulk Hauler and as of 1105 stationed in Engzoerz (Knoellighz 1140) with a Jump-2 capability. See Infinity League for details.
  • Sibiatl - a mobile, jump-capable Psionic Institute that travels between the Thirz Empire and the Zhodani Consulate
- The Pakkrat (talk) 05:39, 28 June 2017 (EDT)

Notes (2016)[edit]

See Murchison (world).

Smelchak Notes (2015)[edit]

CotI Psi Institute Links: