Cleon II

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Cleon II
Second Emperor
of the
Third Imperium
In office
53 to 54
Preceded by Cleon I
Succeeded by Artemsus

Born Cleon Zhunastu
Died Unknown
Race Solomani

Cleon II: Only issue of Cleon I; also known as Cleon the Weak. Born in 21, proclaimed emperor by the Moot in 53, abdicated in 54.

In point of fact, a recent study indicates that the term weak may be an unfair description of Cleon II.

Description (Character)[edit]

Apparently unsuited to devious palace politics but still recognizing the need to consolidate the power of the fledgling Imperium, Cleon abdicated in favor of his brilliant chancellor, Artemsus Lentuli.

Still vitally concerned with the welfare of his former realm, Cleon spent the rest of his long, active, colourful, and, from all accounts, happy life on the frontier as a self-appointed (and extremely effective) one-man fire brigade.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]

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