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Emperor: Artemsus
Emperor of Imperium
Born -17
Ascended 54
Died 166
Preceeded by Cleon II
Succeeded by Martin I

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Description (Character)[edit]

First of the Lentuli Dynasty. Born in -17, proclaimed emperor by the Moot in 54, died in 166 at the age of 183, demonstrating the natural longevity of the Lentuli line.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]

Artemsus established the domains and instituted the Pacification Campaigns (76 to 120) to bring the historical territories of the First and Second Imperia into the Third Imperium.

The Solomani Hypothesis was proposed in 114 and received immediate, although somewhat disinterested, acceptance. It states that the humans of the galaxy are all descended from one genetic stock, spread by some ancient race for reasons unknown; and that the source of that stock was Terra of Sol.

Emperors of the Third Imperium[edit]

Emperors of the Third Imperium Imperial Crest
Cleon I • Cleon II • Artemsus • Martin I • Martin II • Cleon III • Porfiria • Anguistus • Martin III • Martin V • Nicholle • Cleon IV • Jerome • Jaqueline I • Olav • Ramon I • Constantus • Nicolai • George • Barracks Emperors • Cleon V • Joseph • Donald • Emdiri • Catharine • Ramon II • Jaqueline II • Usuti • Marava • Ivan • Martin VI • Gustus • Arbellatra • Zhakirov • Margaret I • Paulo I • Tomutov I • Paula II • Tomutova II • Margaret II • Styryx • Gavin • Paulo III • Strephon

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