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of the
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Lucan Alkhalikoi Alkhalikoi, Prince of the Imperium

Description / Character[edit]

Here are some important data points about Lucan:

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Lucan (History) Era: Rebellion[edit]

The nephew of Strephon by his sister Lydia, Lucan proclaimed himself emperor [1] as the nearest relative of the murdered Emperor Strephon. However the Moot at the time had reason to suspect Lucan of foul play in the death of his brother Prince Varian and so refused to ratify his claim to the Iridium Throne. For his part, Lucan responded by dissolving the Moot for one year. The Moot, for its part, disputes his dissolution of their body, but for security reasons, the Moot has not been able to safely meet and conduct Imperial business.

Depending on who you ask, and what side they are on, Lucan is the current ruler of the Third Imperium, sometimes known as Lucan's Imperium. During 1116-1119 Lucan headed one of the three major factions fighting for the control of the Imperium as it headed into Civil War.

As time went on Lucan became more and more mentally unstable. By 1121 he was physically attacking envoys in the Imperial Palace and declaring that only High Sylean could be spoken in his presence. The next year the Emperor started personally shooting envoys that had the courage to come to the Palace.

Lucan (History) Traveller: the New Era[edit]

The Virus was developed as one of Lucan's super-weapons during the Civil War. Due to the Black Curtain that descended upon Lucan's Imperium - the old Imperial Core - around 1130 it is not known when Lucan died. Fittingly, it is believed that somehow his essence was uploaded into Virus allowing Lucan's Imperium to transform into the Black Imperium.

Lucan (History) Milieu: Traveller 1120 (Alternate Timeline)[edit]

Since Emperor Strephon was never assassinated, the Civil War never occured. Prince Varian is alive and well and Prince Lucan never descends into madness. Since the Grand Princess is not only alive but has children to succeed her, Varian and Lucan are no longer in the direct line of succession.

In 1116 Varian and Lucan got into a fight over a woman they were both involved with. Strephon summoned the both of them to his presence and discussed the matter in private. Although the substance of the conversation was never revealed, the two princes left the meeting greatly shaken.

In 1117 Lucan announced that he would be attending the Naval Academy, which he entered under a nom de guerre to avoid attracting unwanted attention or favoritism. He is scheduled to graduate in 1121.

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