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The Viyard Concourse Corporate Fleet is the de facto space navy for the polity known as the Viyard Concourse, a Federation of twenty- five worlds located in the Gateway Sector.

History & Background[edit]

The fleet of the Viyard Concourse was established once the company decided it would be more profitable to break away from Galian Trade League than continue to pay them taxes and fees. They had limited resources and as a result have employed several unusual ship designs. Several are repurposed merchants and commercial ships, briefly deployed to accomplish the military task and quickly put back to work making money.

The governmental agencies are limited to a few shipyards and few advanced planets. There is only one naval base for the squadrons. Additional bases were seen as an inefficient investment. Military task forces are organized ad-hoc and returned to their respective business division as soon as the mission is completed. Equipment returned in less than pristine working order, or worse yet, not returned causes havoc with internal accounts, depreciation tables, lease agreements, etc.

Fleet Composition[edit]

The Viyard Concourse Corporate Fleet has the capability of manufacturing its own starships and produces many different designs tailored to the industrial and defence needs of the Viyard Concourse, and the strategic demands of the Gateway Sector.

  1. VCS 889 class Survey Ship
  2. VCS 891 class Resource Scout
  3. VCS 894 class Missile Gunboat
  4. VCS 904 class Gunboat
  5. VCS 898 class Replenishment Vessel

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