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Fusion Plus (also Fusion+ or F+) is a power generating technology first developed by Zhunastu Industrial Laboratories in -10.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The core of the power system is a Piezo-nuclear fusion cell, with the fusion cathode also serving as the power transformer. This allows more for a more efficient cell than the normal thermocouple design, and keeps the minimum size of the Fusion Plus cell remarkably small. The single cell design produced by Zhunastu Industries was 10 liters.

  • The self-contained modular design of the Fusion Plus system allows for linear scaling of the power plant, making the small plants very efficient but easily outpaced by larger fusion plants.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Cleon the First, founder of the Third Imperium, was well known for reuniting disparate factions of interstellar polities lost during the Long Night by trading on the technological superiority of the Fusion+ power plant.


  • (-28): Fusion+ plant invented, but not perfected.
  • (-10): Fusion+ plant first perfected and traded.

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