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Alexandra Aurion (-46 - ) is the Marquise Black Shroud, Countess Arrapas, the Baroness Del'Osa, and the former Deputy President of the Grand Senate (suspended).

As a young woman she enrolled in college where she concentrated on history and literature, and graduated with honors in History. In gradutate school her history expanded to Sylean Federation law.

After the death of her older sister she suspended her education to return home to be confirmed as the Baroness Del'Osa. It was suspected, but never proven, that the death of Alexandra's sister was at the hands of a Zhunastu corporate agent. It is because of this suspicion that Alexandra became one of Cleon's strongest opponents.

When Baroness Aurion took her seat on the Grand Senate, she showed a great talent in the cut-and-thrust of Federation politics. Aurion gathered a broad coalition of political factions opposed to Cleon's expansionist policies. During this time, Aurion became widely known in the Senate as a leader, a powerful orator, and the wrong person to annoy. She became leader of the Federalist faction and was elected chair of the Senate Rules and Finance committees, with the consequent elevation to the rank of marquise.

Marquise Aurion was elected Deputy President of the Grand Senate. Despite the burden of administrative duites, she still managed to engage in Moot politics. Aurion managed to make an eternal enemy of Cleon by opposing or blocking financing of key projects.

When Cleon dissolved the Grand Senate and declared himself as Emperor, he contrived that Aurion's powerful position as Deputy President be transferred to the status of a ceremonial figurehead within the Imperial Moot. Aurion declined the ceremonial sinecure in the Imperial Moot and took a leave of absence with Emperor Cleon's blessing.

Aurion left the capital, determined to halt or delay the expansion of the Third Imperium in any way possible. She continues to maintain contacts within the Imperial Moot and receive information and support from allies. Cleon has forbidden Aurion's name to be mentioned in his presence and courtiers refer to her by her title Marquise of the Black Shroud or simply Black Shroud

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