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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Office of Calendar Compliance is all that remains of the original Office of Standards established by Cleon I, the remainder of its duties having been absorbed by the Ministry of Technology. The purpose of the Office of Calendar Compliance is to insure that uniform and consistent time and date standards are adhered to throughout the Imperium. By default, it handles other units of measure as well.

The Imperial government has defined standards for Imperial date & time, and other units of measure. Agents of “CalComp” insure that all worlds adhere to these standards in all official transactions and records. Individual worlds are free to use local dates and times in addition, but the Imperial standards are the only legal ones for any interstellar interactions and legal records. Some agents of the Office travel from world to world, while others have a permanent presence on a given world. Complex instruments and methods are used to test and calibrate local equipment, which in turn is used to calibrate local instruments. CalComp field agents have legitimate reasons to travel anywhere within the Third Imperium, and report to a distant office on Capital.

The Chief of CalComp oversees the actions of many thousands of field agents, a fleet of starships, and billions of credits in equipment.

The Chief of the Office of Calendar Compliance is traditionally invested with the title of Duke by the Emperor.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Institutional Timeline[edit]

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