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The Sylean Main is one of the oldest and most used mains, being a dominant part of the rise of the Third Imperium.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The branch that comes out of Bunkeria Subsector and Cadion Subsector from Core, into Laraa Subsector and Lode Subsector is known as the Laraa Main or the Kadushi Cluster. From there it loops back into Massilia Sector across the Arar Subsector and Kerr Subsector.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

This ancient main long pre-exists the Third Imperium. It is unsure how far it goes, but most Imperial historians believe it can be traced back to Ziru Sirka times. It flourished after the technological decline that followed the fall of the Rule of Man and the onset of the Long Night.

Worlds and sectors[edit]

This trade route is primarily located in the following areas:

World Listing[edit]

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Aibeshma  •  Amamni  •  Amgagiga  •  Amluamii  •  Andula  •  Arnakhish  •  Ashush  •  Basikiil'r  •  Bechant  •  Depot (Da 3121)  •  Diablo (Da 2612)  •  Dinzur  •  Dua  •  Dupusirlu  •  Duunkhan  •  E'Draconis  •  Edsham  •  Gakhir  •  Gareesh Ra  •  Gesiisha  •  Ghesaak  •  Giku  •  Gishu Amkhir  •  Gulishi  •  Hasoi'aohalaiko  •  Irlu (Da 2415)  •  Kadushi  •  Kakar (Da 2937)  •  Kedden  •  Khanirlu  •  Khashpel  •  Khuuniish  •  Kuriishe  •  Laraa  •  Lashgaiika  •  Luken  •  Lumzashgu  •  Mershemu  •  Mikhid  •  Mimishka  •  Namkigem  •  Napu  •  Negev  •  Newport  •  Nikhuskir  •  Pamnagagur  •  Pediica  •  Proytheyath  •  Quuira  •  Saffron (Da 3018)  •  Saven  •  Shirlukam  •  Sivvista  •  Tutrii  •  
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