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An Ancients Site is a world (...or conceivably a star system) which includes one or more locations identified as the ruins of the long-dead race called the Ancients. [1]

  • Ancient Sites are often exploited for the artifact remains of this long dead highly advanced technological civilization. [2]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No two Ancients Sites are alike. Each should be considered unique despite similarities and differences with other identified sites. It is near impossible to identify more than rare commonalities between identified sites although researchers try. [3]

Strange Technologies & Stranger Creators[edit]

While the term Ancients Site is identified with technologies higher than TL-15, some sites do, in fact, possess lesser technologies, and very often very alternate technologies, not well understood by the conventional sciences of Charted Space. Biotechnology, strange crystals, unidentified materials, psionic materials, and even stranger things have been found. One exploring such a site should keep an open mind because the Ancients and other precursors almost certainly didn't think anything like us. [4]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Artifacts are objects produced by the high-tech civilization of the Ancients (...which are distinct from archeologicals).[5] It is the hope of every adventurer in Charted Space to find valuable artifacts and other treasures at an undiscovered ancients site.[6]

Ancient Civilizations[edit]

LONG AGO: Intelligence does not guarantee success. For eons, worlds evolved intelligent life, and each of these sophont species lived and died without ever leaving its home system. Eventually, some sophonts reached beyond their system to the nearest stars. Some established colonies on other worlds; some tried to explore the universe with generation ships. But all were restricted by their NAFAL technology ships, and even long-lived races found the speed limits of the universe frustrating.[7]

These races often established precursor sites, which are generically identified as Ancients Sites. While identified as Ancients Sites, not all are. Some sites have been tentatively identified as belonging to other precursor species. Researching the more advanced technology of the Ancients can be fraught with danger. The TL-15 theoretical technology maximum of most of Charted Space would have been as child's play to the Ancients and the legendary Grandfather. TL-15 sophonts are like dawdling infants trying to identify let alone use these ancient devices and technologies. It's not uncommon for an adventurer to encounter lethal effects from Ancients Artifacts.[8]

Identifying Ancients Artifacts is additionally complicated by the incredibly diverse nature of the technology of the Ancients. No two devices might appear alike or actually be the same type, use the similar design principles, or even use the same technological bases. Some devices almost certainly use psionic technologies, while others almost certainly do not. Many contain materials near unknown or even absolutely unknown to Charted Space such as Monadium.[9]

Nevertheless, it is very safe to say that adventurers should take extreme caution when exploring Ancients Sites! [10]

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Ancients Sites are located throughout the following areas:
Charted Space:

  • Many Sectors
    • Many Subsectors

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with Ancients Sites:

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