Uplifted Ape

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Uplifted Ape
Homo simia pan troglodytes sapiens
Base Information
Classification Herbivore
Status Uplifted Race
Locomotion Walker
Terrain Jungle
Body Form
Confluence Humanoid
Bio-Identenoid Hominid
Languages Great Ape LanguageYerkish
Social Structure
Technological Epoch TL:10-12
Psionic potential Standard
Origin World
Homeworld location Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)
StarportA Excellent: Starship Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size8 Large (12,800 km, 0.80g - 1.08g)
Atmosphere6 Standard
Hydrographics7 Wet World 70%
PopulationA High (10 billion)
Government6 Captive Government/Colony
Law9 High Law (no weapons out of home)
Tech LevelF High Stellar (anagathics)
Primary Star G2 V
Atmosphere Standard
Off-world presence Yes
Zoetic individuals Yes
Reference Gateway to Destiny 36.
Canon Yes
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The Uplifted Apes of Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) are an technologically sophisticated Uplift Race with a humanoid appearance.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Uplifted Apes are a genetically modified and uplifted species believed to have been created by the Solomani.

Uplifted great apes – chimpanzees or gorillas – are the second most common genetically engineered intelligent animals created by the Terran Confederation. Like Humans ordinary gorillas and chimps are hominids. Although routinely referred to as ‘uplifted chimps’ due to their appearance most uplifted apes are neither chimpanzees or gorillas but Troglodytes sapiens. This artificial species is a transgenic hybrid of gorilla, chimp and some Human genes first developed late in the Interstellar Wars period. They were perfected by Old Earth Union genetic engineers on Terra. By 1105 there are several million uplifted apes living on Solomani worlds.

A number of species of Terran animal have been uplifted to full sentience, mostly by Solomani scientists during the Rule of Man era. As the Rule of Man collapsed into the Long Night, colonies founded with the assistance of these races went their own way, and in some cases the uplifted species came to be the dominant sentient race on a particular planet. In other cases, the uplifted beings created their own society away from humans, and occasionally truly integrated civilizations were created.

While the uplifted races retain the physical characteristics of their parent race, they now breed true, and are generally as intelligent as any human. Some social characteristics do carry over from the animal instincts of the uplifted species, but for the most part the uplifted races have fully developed societies adapted to their local conditions.

The Solomani are known to have also attempted genetic manipulation of humans beyond what was necessary to fit them to harsh environments. Reports of a "gene war" between humans and some sort of "supermen" persist, though even within the Solomani Confederation little is known about exactly what happened, outside of secret government archives. It is thought that the Solomani became nervous of any race that could replace or supplant humans in their normal environment – the so-called "Supermen," the Apes and the Ursa, among others – and took steps to eradicate them. These efforts were not 100% successful in all cases.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Aside from Dolphins, Terrans tampered with a number of other species to make them more useful partners in the colonial enterprise. For example, chimpanzees, gibbons, gorillas, and orangutans were all altered for greater intelligence and various other desirable traits." While it's not definitively stated that these uplifts achieved sentience, the illustration of the pistol-packing gorilla certainly implies that.

Uplifted apes in 1105 are quite rare in the Solomani Rim. A few scattered communities exist on worlds in Albadawi, Sol and Capella subsectors. The Solomani Confederation raised uplifted apes to believe they are second-class citizens. Those living in the Imperium are usually treated as just another exotic minor race of Humaniti or confused with Suerrat.

The Solomani uplifted a number of species of Terran ape to partial or full sentience. However, few communities survived the Long Night and thus ape colonies are very rare. Some may exist in a wild or primitive (Neolithic) state in undeveloped regions of some worlds.


This race is primarily located in the following areas:
Charted Space: Rimward Space


The homeworld of this race is:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

Significant communities of this race are known to exist within the following systems and worlds:

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