Mongoose Traveller: Reft Sector

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Reft Sector
Travreft 350.jpg
Author Martin Dougherty
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format Book (PDF)
Language English
Pages 136
Year Published 2010
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG, Mongoose
ISBN 978-1-907218-31-6

Mongoose Traveller: Reft Sector is a premier sector source book.

Continuing the exploration of the Third Imperium, Reft Sector provides new ground for your players to explore, colonize and capitalize! Part of the Great Rift, Reft Sector is a true wilderness, with opportunities abounding for lucky or skilled Travellers – or those on the run from more civilized space. With a complete history and every subsector and planet covered, Reft Sector opens fresh ground for Traveller players, allowing them to interact with the inhabitants of these new worlds.

Reft Sector is an astrographical oddity. It contains two groups of stars, of relatively standard density, separated by a wide rift. Much of this rift is entirely empty, as the name suggests, but deep within it lie two relatively dense subsectors. These were settled by sublight expeditions from Earth and remained isolated from the rest of Charted Space for most of their history.

The history of the region since that time has been troubled, with periods of war interspersed with relative peace. The existence of many small powers, each with distinct cultures and political systems, led to the creation of a shifting web of alliances and rivalries. As a result, it is likely that at least one dispute or conflict is ongoing in the Islands at any given time, and other powers are on the verge of being drawn in or are offering assistance of one form or another.

There is money to be made in the Islands and via them, but the hazards are considerable.


Martin Dougherty
Richard Ford
Will Chapman
Nick Robinson
Cover Illustration
Carlos Nunez da Castro Torres
Interior Illustrations
Carlos Nunez da Castro Torres, John Koelepp, Tony Emson
Andrew James Alan Welty

Table of Contents[edit]

Mongoose Traveller:
Reft Sector
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Reft Sector 13
Powers in Reft Sector 31
Worlds of Reft Sector 61
Adventures in Reft Sector 126
Index 132

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Charted Space
  2. Reft Sector


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