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A Terragen is a non-human lifeform that originated on Terra, but is residing on another world.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Terragen is a term used generically to indicate all sophont species that originated from Terra that would include both humans and non-humans.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Most of these species are believed to have been created using Geneering.

  • However, evidence is not conclusive and it may be possible that somehow some of these species may have evolved naturally after organic matter, of Terran origin, was transported to other planets, perhaps through the process of panspermia.
  • It is widespread belief that the Ancients may have widely seeded Charted Space with life and much of that life may have been derived from Terran origins. Some believe that the Ancients transported these geneering experiments via their advanced starcraft, but their exact mode of transport can only be guessed at. Panspermia is just as good a guess as any other.
  • Terra appears to have been an important biological laboratory for the Ancients. The Vargr are one of the key sophont species believed to have been a result of these experiments.
  • Of course, the Ancients Hypothesis is just a theory, not conclusively proven one way or another.

Terran Non-human Geneered Species[edit]

A few of the genetically engineered species that exist within Charted Space include:

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