Metabolic Chamber

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Metabolic Chamber
Type Medical
Tech Level TL–13
Cost MCr1
Size 1 ton
Weight 1,000kg

A Metabolic Chamber, used for growing clones, can accelerate growth to about one year per week. The subject is unconscious during the process. Nerve stimulation maintains muscle tone. Forced growth time (for Humans) is about a year of growth in a week of actual time. Time from fertilized egg to viable infant is about a week. Time from viable infant to Life Stage 3 (about 18 years old) is about 18 weeks.

Available at TL 13, the Metabolic Chamber is about one ton and costs about MCr1; it can treat one subject. Operational cost is about KC1 per week. An 18-week Forced Growth treatment costs about KCr18 (with half being supplies and consumables).


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