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Base Information
Classification Omnivore
Status Human Chimera
Locomotion Walker
Terrain Plains
Body Form
Confluence Non-humanoid
Bio-Identenoid Alien
Size 1.8 meters
Weight 100 kg
Languages GinshariAnglic
Social Structure
Technological Epoch TL:13-15
Psionic potential Standard
Origin World
Homeworld location Ginshar (Hinterworlds 0501)
StarportA Excellent: Starship Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size4 Small (6,400 km, 0.32g - 0.46g)
Atmosphere1 Vacuum (trace)
Hydrographics0 Desert World 0%
Population6 Moderate (8 million)
Government3 Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Law1 Low Law (no explosives, poison gas)
Tech LevelB Average Stellar (large starships)
Primary Star K2 V
Atmosphere Trace
Off-world presence Yes
Zoetic individuals Yes
Reference User:Enoki
Canon No
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The Ginsharian of Ginshar (Hinterworlds 0501) are a reclusive species of synthetic humanoids and technologically advanced sophonts.

Biology (Physical Sophontology)[edit]

Ginsharians are a reclusive species of synthetic humanoids known for their secrecy, and exceptional knowledge of genetics, medicine, and computers.

Sophonce (Evolution)[edit]

This species developed as an attempt by its original founders to move humanity beyond its current genetic and physiological boundaries. It has been postulated that they were placed by the Ancients and given this imperative but there is no conclusive proof of that.

Climate & Ecotope (Environment)[edit]

This species holds the following environmental preferences:

  • Low to moderate gravity planets
  • Can live in a wide range of environments, including many that humanitii could not survive in.
  • Prefers sterile and completely artificial / manufactured environments.
  • Can function over a wide range of gravity levels and this species can alter itself to match the gravity.
  • Atmospheres from approximately 3 to 9, and occasionally A are suitable for this species as they can be altered to function in those.

Genetic Code (Genotype)[edit]

There are two genomes for Ginsharians: TXNA or TNA, and modified DNA.

TXNA (Tri-Xeno Nucleic Acid) or Tri- Nucleic Acid Ginsharians have a genome based on human DNA but radically modified. TXNA has an added third strand of genes that are artificially manufactured. These are attached to altered human DNA to form a triple helix. The third strand is made up of XNA or MNA (Manufactured Nucleic Acids) that form organic electronic circuits. These mimic a computer, memory, and other basic AI circuitry on a molecular level.

This strand allows the formation of more organic electronics within a Ginsharian with the result of giving them extra-human capabilities and the possession within them of a very powerful computer system.

TXNA is noted as unstable requiring the continuous use of anagathics to prevent run away mutation of the genome.

TXNA has been found to be aggressively self-replicating. In extremely rare instances an non-Ginsharian might be "infected" with it and altered into a TXNA based Ginsharian. TXNA breaks down rapidly in an environment free of anagathics or the presence of a stable system of support.

Modified DNA Ginsharians are created to function away from Ginshar in "alien" environments where anagathics are not available and where Ginshar does not want their presence known. A modified DNA Ginsharian is genetically similar to the species they were manufactured to resemble.

Anatomy & Physiology (Phenotype)[edit]

Sophontologists studying this species have dubbed them "organic robots." Most Ginsharians appear humanoid. It is theorized that Ginshar has manufactured Ginsharians with Hiver-like appearances and possibly other non-human species as well.

Body Plan (Morphology)[edit]

  • Confluence: Humanoid (Hominid-like)
    • Synthetic life
  • Bilateral symmetry (2-ial)
  • Tetrapod (4-ped)
    • 2 limbs used for manipulation "arms"
    • 2 limbs used for locomotion "legs" (Bipedal)
  • Lack a navel / umbilical scar on their torso like humans have.
  • Lack body hair except on head and eyes (brows and lashes).
  • Body consists of three segments
    • Head with sensors and multiple-use orifice (consumption, communication, and respiration)
    • Torso with manipulatory limbs
    • Abdomen with locomotor limbs

Biochemistry (Function)[edit]

This species has an unconventional biochemistry. TXNA develops unique abilities within a Ginsharian. These characteristics vary by "model" depending on the purpose for which they were built. Known unique abilities include:

  • Enhanced sensory capability, sight to include vision into the IR and UV range, hearing, smell, taste, touch, etc.
  • Ability to directly interact with electronics, computers, and electronic AI systems.
  • Massive memory storage and recall.
  • Built-in computer processes like mathematics or mass data searches.
  • Enhanced physical abilities like, enhanced strength, dexterity, or endurance.
  • Ability to work and live in environments humans cannot without specialized clothing or equipment. Ginsharians may have increased resistance to heat, cold, ability to breathe in thin atmospheres, or ones composed of gasses other than oxygen, or breathe under water.

Ginsharian biochemistry is tailored to the environment in which the "model" is expected to function. Ginsharians may be modified at any time for new or special purposes.

The Ginsharian metabolic process is normally an oxidant one similar to humanitii, the rate can vary from slow to fast, and it has been noted sympathetic and autonomic processes have been found in use in some cases. Anabolic and catabolic processes have been reported.

Respiration (Reaction)[edit]

This species uses an unconventional respiration cycle consisting of:

  • Inhalant to include gas exchange by breathing or absorption.

Ecosystem & Population (Ecology)[edit]

  • Ginsharian ecosystems are entirely artificial whenever possible.
  • The population in any system is governed by need and use.
  • Reproduction is controlled, not random.

Diet & Trophics (Consumption)[edit]

This species survives using the following methods of consumption: This species favors artificial and manufactured foodstuffs. Commonly available protein cubes would be an example. Many models of Ginsharian can gain energy by osmosis from electrical sources. Ginsharian physiology may require consumption of different vitamins and minerals than a human to maintain full health.

Gender & Sexuality (Reproduction)[edit]

This species has the following reproductive characteristics:

  • 3 genders: Male, female, neuter
    • Trisexual pplymorphism
  • (Reproductive method)
    • Ginsharians are uniformly sterile and unable to reproduce naturally.
    • Ginsharians are manufactured using cloning and other techniques.
  • Type of birth
    • Ginsharians are grown in an artificial womb / environment.
    • Growth and development of a Ginsharian is a controlled process done in isolation or with others of the same "model."

Adolescence & Lifecycle (Ontogeny)[edit]

A fully developed Ginsharian takes approximately two standard years. This varies some depending on model. Use of anagathics and an artificial genome make Ginsharians exceptionally long-lived. Most models will live, potentially, for between 200 and 400 years.

Psychology (Cultural Sophontology)[edit]

Ginshar is a regimented society. It is a sentient machine intelligence whose members function as components of that machine. Any particular Ginsharian will normally only perform functions for which they were made.

Ginsharians are reclusive. Only models specifically designed for contact with other races will normally be encountered.

Ginsharians are paranoid. They see other races as "Aliens," a pejorative dismissing them as inferior. They may use the term "non-Ginsharian" with members of other races they have to regularly interact with.

Goals (Motivation)[edit]

Ginshar tries to obtain information on everything, wants to know everything to advance the species.


Ginsharians, for the most part, have adopted the expectations of the progenitor race, the Solomani.


Ginsharians, as a generality, share a number of common expectations:

  • Ginsharians mass celebrate their manufacture on Made Day. This is an annual event on 234 on the Imperial calendar.
  • Ginsharians take their anagathic dosage as a group in a short ceremony. This is done to ensure everyone does this correctly.
  • Ginsharians form artificial "families" within immediate work groups. For example, a Ginsharian on a ship's crew would call the rest of the crew their family. This results in very tight knit groups that exclude non-Ginsharians entirely.
  • All Ginsharians are normally armed and will act to protect themselves, other Ginsharians, and Ginshar. They will normally do little or nothing to protect a being of another race unless they have been specifically programmed to do so.

Belief System & Philosophy (Mindset)[edit]

Ginsharians, for the most part, fit Solomani ideals of human thought, although they possess a number of common quirks:


Ginsharians are very inquisitive. They respond particularly strongly to information or actions that are in line with their intended function(s). Any Ginsharian will strive to acquire data and information of almost anything they come in contact with. This quality is restrained by Ginshar by limiting contact with other races and societies to a select few Ginsharians.

Ginsharians are incorruptible and absolutely loyal to Ginshar.

Ginsharians are function and purpose driven. An attack on any Ginsharian is seen as an attack on all Ginsharians. All Ginsharians are normally armed (a programmed imperative), even if this is not always apparent, and will act to protect themselves and Ginshar even at the cost of their own life. This particular aspect of Ginshar might be termed fanatical.

Ginsharians are by programming and training highly suspicious of any other race and will be very reticent to interact with another race. This trait borders on paranoia.

Ginsharians are fastidiously clean and neat. They want to live in a sterile environment if possible.

In many ways, Ginsharians might be seen as having a severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This is due to the machine component of their genome.

Belief System[edit]

Ginshar is areligious and completely secular. Individual Ginsharians see themselves as an expendable cog in a larger machine. At the same time they see their particular model as immortal so long as one of them exists.

Interventionary Stance[edit]

The Ginshar system is rated as an Amber zone due to this trait. Ginshar will instantly attack, without warning, any ship entering the system that does not have a Ginsharian bridge crew. Ships from other races pick up such a crew on Boilingbrook at the Ginsharian sky city for transit to Ginshar.

  • Will intervene only if provoked.

Culture & Society (Ethnology)[edit]

Ginshar is a monolithic society All Ginsharians have a four letter designation common to their particular model followed by an number designating which specific unit they are within that model. Examples: Alex 07, Lori 16, Zede 334. Designations tend to take into account the gender of the model to make it easier for them to interface with other races. The numerical designation is in octal, not decimal.

Social Organization: 1105[edit]

Ginshar is a true Communist society. Each Ginsharian performs certain functions and receives the necessary support from society. This is a selective hive mind society. Ginsharians can be part of a larger hive mind called Ginshar, or they can act independently as required by their specific purpose and function in society requires.

Cultural Hierarchies: 1105[edit]

Internally there is no ranking. All Ginsharians see all others as equal and carrying out their specific function(s).

A military rank structure does exist, but this is for the benefit of other races and societies. The same concept exists with Ginsharians that normally are in contact with other races. These structures exist only for the other race's benefit and have no relevance to Ginshar itself.

There are three types of Ginsharians in terms of hierarchy:

  • Ginshar, the hive mind. Sometimes referred to as "Real Ginshar."
  • Operational, functioning Ginsharians.
  • Unserviceable or retired Ginsharians. These are Ginsharians relegated to secondary roles due to age, defects, or being surplus. This sort of Ginsharian may be scrapped (eliminated from society) instead.

Language (Linguistic Sophontology)[edit]

Spoken Ginshari consists of eight (8) tonal sounds that can be placed in one of 8 octaves. For a Human listener, Ginsharian would sound like a rapid series of whistling, varying in pitch. Four of the 8 octaves Ginsharian is spoken in are inaudible to Humans, being either above or below the range of hearing. These tonal sounds equate to numbers from zero to seven (an octal number system), replicating the written version of Ginsharian.

A TXNA Ginsharian can speak using this language system while also communicating in another language. That is, they are capable of overlaying it on top of a language like Vilani.

Ginsharians speak a number of extant languages such as Sylean, Solomani, Vilani, or Anglic. Most Ginsharians that come in contact with other races can speak a number of languages fluently. Anglic or Solomani is normally used for verbal communications with other races as first choices.

Ginsharians with TXNA genetics can generally communicate by tactile means transferring information electronically between them. Two of the same model can share data such that each would subsequently think they had experienced all the transferred information themselves.

Many TXNA Ginsharians can communicate by touch with electronics, computers, and other AI directly. All TXNA Ginsharians can also be communicated with, as receivers, via transmitted electronic data such as by radio.

Written Ginsharian is an octal numeric language written in blocks of 8 single digits. These blocks form letters, numbers, words, and ideas. It is possible for other races with the help of a computer or electronic means to decipher Ginsharian or reply in it.

Ginsharians operate in two modes: As the machine component, and as the human component. In machine mode, they are highly focused on tasks related to their function, perfunctory, and will ignore all distractions. They sound machine-like and will limit responses to those necessary to carry out a task or function. In human mode, they act more like humans in general. They will display emotions, have personalities (note several of the same model will act similarly), and can be sociable.

Morality (Ethics)[edit]

This species holds the following values regarding a sense of right and wrong:

Amoral. Ginshar is a machine intelligence that seeks specific goals and only responds when provoked or prevented from obtaining those goals. Ginshar will also pursue any means to obtain a goal.

Internally, crime and punishment are non-existent. Any individual Ginsharian that is "malfunctioning" will be removed from the society and scrapped (eg., destroyed).

History (Archaeological Sophontology)[edit]

This species has had a long but spotty history due to their widely known penchant for secrecy, xenophobia, and reclusiveness.

History: General Overview[edit]

Ginshar was first settled circa -2000 to -1500. The exact date is unknown. Contact was lost during the Long Night. There are persistent rumors that it was settled much earlier by Ancients placement, but these are unconfirmed. First Solomani contact occurred in -110 (4408 AD/CE). Ginshar was noted as not having jump capacity, and was at about TL–10 and noted as highly robotic and mechanized.

First Imperial contact occurred in 531. Ginshar had jump capability and was rated at about TL–11. Contact was with biological Ginsharians and there was no commentary on the society being highly robotic. Classified as an amber zone. The IISS partial survey of the system and long range scans show most of the planets and many satellites in the system are inhabited.

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this polity:

Civilization (Societal Sophontology)[edit]

The civilization and society of this species is known as Ginshar.

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

Ginshar is listed by the IISS as a self-perpetuating oligarchy. This is not entirely correct. Ginshar is a hive mind artificial intelligence that acts like a self-perpetuating oligarchy. Ginshar could be called successful Communists.

The only description of the ruler(s) of Ginshar is they are referred to as "Ginshar" or as the "Real Ginshar." There is no named head of state, and all contact with Ginshar politically has been through diplomatic representatives. The two most commonly encountered Ginsharians for diplomacy are models Alex and Vana.

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

The IISS and Imperial military reports that Ginsharians are not aggressive or expansionist. They are generally only a danger if entering a system where they have a permanent presence or if antagonized in encounters in a system.

Ginsharian ships are primarily tech level 12 in equipment.

The most common encounter with a Ginsharian ship outside a system with their presence is a small scout or merchant ship. It is recommended by the IISS that ships refrain from interaction with such ships do not attempt to scan or communicate with them and maneuver such that they do not appear to be closing with them. Unprovoked, Ginsharian ships are not normally dangerous.

  • All Ginsharian ships are heavily armed.
  • Please see polity entry at TBD for more information.
  • Ginsharian ships are uniformly matt black and without any exterior decoration.
  • Ginshar intelligence collection can be described as omnipresent and insidious within about 30 parsecs of Ginshar.
    • Ginshar can and will invade any computer or electronic system they encounter. This will normally be benign and for the purpose of intelligence collection without harming the system.
    • Allowing a Ginsharian access to any type of electronics, computer, or AI virtually ensures they will hack the system and collect data from it.
    • The IISS, Imperial military, and Intelligence organizations say there is no evidence to date that Ginshar has shared any data collected and often have been unable to determine the reason for its collection. Collection is characterized as universal and sometimes random.
    • There have been isolated cases where Ginshar was provoked and released massive attacks and viruses against the source of that provocation, in at least a few cases this has resulted in planet-wide disruption of electronics and computer systems. For this reason ships are advised by the IISS to avoid contact with Ginsharian ships to prevent the invasion of the ship's systems and computers.
    • The IISS notes that Ginsharians will typically attack computer, electronic, and AI systems as a first target of choice. Known examples have them invading any system an opponent has they can get into by contact or remotely, and then rewriting code and taking control of those systems "in an instant."
    • These sort of attacks are characterized by being "Zero day." That is, the method of attack is previously unencountered and specifically designed to avoid protective software and hardware the system under attack may have.
  • Ginshar maintains a large naval force supported by marines. There is no evidence of large organized ground forces.
    • It is speculated that if ground forces are necessary Ginshar mobilizes the population, programs them for military action, and equips them as needed.
    • There is no distinction between military and civilian with Ginshar. The concept does not exist in their culture.
    • The Ginsharian navy consists almost entirely of system defense boats of up to about 10,000 tons, but more commonly less than 5,000, and orbital platforms of similar size. These can be numerous and are usually supplemented by planetary defense systems.
    • Outside systems with a permanent Ginsharian presence, it is rare to encounter more than small merchants or scout ships. These ships are often of foreign origin.
    • Ginsharian marines are noted as equipped with battle armor and fusion weapons.

Ginshar generally will not go beyond neutralizing a threat. Disabling a ship may be sufficient for their purposes. Even small Ginsharian ships, like a scout, should be considered a serious threat due to their ability to invade electronic systems almost at will. As a machine intelligence, Ginshar does a cost-benefit analysis of such situations and will not waste time or energy on an opponent unnecessarily.

Ginshar should be considered as allied to the Ral Ranta. The two share a long relationship.

It is rumored that Imperial government organizations are negotiating with Ginshar on means to deal with The Virus.

Business & Trade (Economy)[edit]

Ginshar is largely self sufficient. They do trade with other systems and political entities. Manufacture of mercenary units and synthetic beings is definitely known to be ongoing. Hivers are said to be a major consumer of these for use in mundane and routine tasks like ship operations.

    • The manufacture of synthetic humans includes ones for uses such as servants, pleasure, and security. These products are generally sold to the extremely wealthy and are often highly illegal.
    • Manufacture of cloned and synthetic pets, plants, and other exotic life is also done. Consumers are usually the wealthy who want the unique and unusual for a status symbol. A wealthy hunter might order a cloned exotic animal or endangered species for sport for example.
    • Ginsharian food products, when available, are another occasional export. These are considered delicacies by buyers.
  • Ginshar purchases small ships like the Type S Scout, and far traders from neighboring political entities including the Ral Ranta, Anubians, and Imperium.
  • Ginshar manufactures military ships internally and is not known to export military equipment other than small mercenary units.
  • Most Ginsharian foreign trade occurs through secondary locations and not in the Ginshar system itself. Boilingbrook is a common import / export location.
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals are a major export. Anagathics are considered some of the most advanced available. The Ral Ranta order and export illegal pleasure drugs from Ginshar for resale. Imperial internal security has secret reports that Schunamann und Sohn (SuSAG) deals extensively with Ginshar in the pharmaceutical market on its "Black ops" side outside Imperial borders.

Architecture and Esthetics[edit]

Ginsharian architecture is characterized by its clean, sterile, and geometric lines. Ginsharian cities are typically large monolithic structures composed of windowless cubes, cylinders, or other basic symmetrical geometric shapes. The exterior color is generally white, but other colors may be used.

The interior of Ginsharian structures is best described as sterile. There will be no evidence of anything that doesn't have a useful function. Art, decoration, or any other esthetic present will have an artificial and contrived feel. Other species that have visited Ginsharian cities have often commented that they are "unsettling" or "disquieting."

Ginsharian ships and cities have what is often described as an "eerie" silence to them. The usual hum of conversation, music, or other sound is largely or entirely missing.

Research & Technology (Knowledge)[edit]

The Ginsharian species is possessed of many advanced technologies including:

Ginsharian computer technology has been mis-rated by the IISS. It was assumed that they make and use computers in the same fashion as the Imperium and other humanitii based societies do. Ginshar instead, builds and uses less sophisticated computers on their space ships, vehicles, equipment, and in most other applications. They substitute the processing power of the crew or operator instead, with the typical all-electronic computer being an interface rather than the processing and memory device. The result is Ginsharian computer systems are undersized by comparison with Imperial ones, but when supplemented by Ginsharians acting as computers, the result is a far more sophisticated and powerful computing device.

Ginsharian military and starship technology is generally compatible with tech level 12.

Ginsharian knowledge and application of genetics exceeds Imperial technology by several levels, usually held to be somewhere between H and K. It may go as high as M. Much of this technology is a very closely guarded secret so exact levels are hard to determine.

Ginsharian medicine is held to be between tech levels G and H.

Ginshar makes heavy use of robots and robotics. These can be the equivalent of anything up to tech level F or G in sophistication. Anyone visiting a Ginsharian city would find robots near omnipresent. These typically are doing routine tasks like cleaning, or delivering items from storerooms to users.


This race is primarily located in the following areas:

Astrography (Range)[edit]

This species can primarily be found within Charted Space in the following locations.


The homeworld of this race is:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

Significant communities of this race are known to exist within the following systems and worlds:

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