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Sternmetal Horizons, LIC

Current Subject: Akras Wars of Consolidation

Current Status: Cease Fire

Clearance: Sensitive

Confidence: High


Encryption Complete: Proceed...

Historical Timeline


Akras move out into the Xenough Subsector. They displace indigenous cultures in the region.


Akras raid planets in the area. Settlers retaliate with similar raids against Akras ruled planets.

812 the First Akras War

An ancient Fort built in orbit above Tunmoposu (world) by the Droyne is attacked and occupied by Akras marines after a brief siege.


A Sternmetal scout ship was fired upon from the fort. Troops from a Sternmetal trade outpost on Tunmoposu moved into orbit to attack the fort with plasma cannons and nuclear missiles. A warhead breached the fort's magazine and blew the installation to pieces, killing all but 30 of the fort's 300 occupants.


War was officially declared. General Jack Andrews led 3,500 troops, including 2,000 mercenaries into the region. They killed 800,000 Akras and nuked their colonies.

The Akras were left weakened and demoralized. Corporate troops attempted to arrest Neamathla, an Akras Warlord. They failed to locate his base of operation. General Jack Andrews led an expedition against the Akras in the outer reaches of the Tunmoposu system. A second Fort named Gadsen was assembled in orbit to monitor refuelling in the system's four gas giants and serve as a supply base for the expedition. General Andrews seized the Akras Fort in the Lenin system and executed 2 captured Avalar Consulate citizens whom he thought were inciting Akras raids. This created a diplomatic crisis between the Avalar Consulate, the Zhodani and Stern Metal. General Andrews eventually withdrew to the Tunmoposu system.


Sternmetal officially annexes Tunmoposu. Settlers poured into the new territory from Hollis in the Reidan subsector. Friction with the Akras led to the second Akras War. Akras seed Tunmoposu's atmosphere with bioactive agents. Soldiers fell ill and died from the atmospheric contamination. This taint persists to the current time. All colonists are forced below the oceans, on this wet world.


Second Akras War was long and costly. Of the 10,169 regular army soldiers who participated in the war, 1,400 died. Only 328 died in action. Most of the rest succumbed to Akras biological agents and diseases.


The Battle of Black Point in which the Akras attacked a naval supply convoy. Plantations on Kahitse are destroyed by Akras. New Kahitse refineries and mills were destroyed. Major Dade Franks discovered the ruins. Akras annihilated a force of 108 corporate troops under the command of Major Dade Franks. This was the first military action of the second Akras war.


The class E starport on Boygahe was the site of the skirmish. It was also plundered and destroyed by Akras. It was only recently rebuilt. Fort Cooper in the Kahitse system withstood a two week siege by a large Akras Naval force. A few artillerymen and 380 Tunmoposu volunteers hastily construct defensive works under the direction of Major Mark Anthony Cooper. General Winfield Scott ordered Cooper to prevent further damage to Kahitse’s agricultural production. Navigation satellites over the Heironimous Prime starport were destroyed by the Akras. The starport endured a siege. The Akras attempted to overpower a 100 man corporate militia unit under Colonel Warren but were kept at bay by plasma cannon fire and hull breaching charges.


Construction of a series of forts one jump apart helped to secure the wilderness territory.

They also solved the logistical problem of food and equipment supply. One supply depot is on Tunmoposu, built to protect the boatyards. Jessup ordered 50 men from 2nd battalion to install orbital artillery to protect the port. Colonel Taylor is engaged by Akras naval bombardment; 26 of his men are killed and 112 are wounded.


The Battle of Loxah took place near a gas giant in the Kahitse system. Admiral Jessup jumped in system from Boygahe with a small taskforce of low displacement combatants. He made contact with Taylor, the local system defense commander. Colonel Twigg’s 320 jump troops surprised some Akras marines on a small moon of the gas giant. Captured 500 and this act renewed the war. Jessup is latter relieved of duty and Taylor promoted to replace him.


The majority of the Akras had been killed and corporate victory is declared.


Akras attacked and killed settlers at a trading post on Boygahe. Corporate troops were rushed back in anticipation of renewed fighting, but the Akras attackers were declared renegades who were turned over to the company by the Akras government.


Third Akras War


A Port Hotel is constructed at Tunmoposu High Port. It was built as a resort for wealthy corporate executives. It features broad verandas, a solarium, extensive wine collection, three agricultural domes, ballrooms, a concert hall, and large dining rooms for elaborate meals. There are rooms for 500 guests. A complete library, salons, organized hunts to the surrounding planets. A casino was added latter next to the boat house.

Indigenous Fleets: Two tech 12 missile fighters over Tunmoposu. Five 95 ton shuttles,

two 1,000 ton support ships for the logistical command, one 4,000 ton fleet tanker.

Ten 100 ton Scouts assigned to the Avalar Scout base.