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(-2573 to -2400): United Nations

  • A supranational association of Terran states, which once served as a very loose agency (institution) of international dialogue, and occasionally cooperation, which was later transformed into a world (planetary) government (polity).
  • The United Nations world government labored on with that name until -2400 when it was renamed the United Worlds.

United Nations (Polity) Goals[edit]


United Nations (Polity) History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Established in -2573 on the signing of the UN charter by the fifty member states at San Francisco.

The organization was intended to reduce conflict and hardship on the world by encouraging cooperation between world powers. Duties were mainly carried out through UN agencies, but occasionally military force was employed with the support of the member states on the Security Council.

World Government[edit]

From about -2520, the UN started reforming into a world government. The armed forces of the major states became more accepted as a world-wide peacekeeping and police force under the banner of the United Nations.

The Secretariat began coordinating large scale projects to reduce the effects of famine, disease, and economic hardship. Environmental controls and the move of many industrial concerns to orbital and out- system locations prevented Terra from losing its garden climate. In addition, research was encouraged, and the solar system was intensively explored.

United Nations Transformation[edit]

In -2499, the Treaty of New York formalized the changes in the UN’s structure which had already occurred. The armed forces of the major nations were placed under centralized control.

A number of significant changes were made to the United Nations including:

  • The Secretary General was granted wider executive powers.
  • The Secretariat, previously an unofficial advisory group of representatives from the major nation-states, was made the chief legislative body.
  • The General Assembly was retained, but became a forum for debate with little real power.
  • The Security Council was dispensed with entirely.

In addition, several new and powerful agencies were established. Among these were the:

Following the discovery of jump drive, and the establishment of extra-system colonies, these three agencies became the major arms of the interstellar government.

United Worlds[edit]

On the admission of colonial representatives to the General Assembly in -2400, the organization changed its name to the United Worlds.

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