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A ToolSet is a Traveller game mechanic, an organized system for generating game components other than player characters.

  • The player character generator is known as CharGen.
  • ToolSets exist as hardcopy in-rulebook creation sequences and as automated, online utility programs.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please see the following AAB Library Data files for related information:
Traveller Core Support Sites:

  1. FFE Homepage
  2. Traveller RPG Wiki
  3. Traveller Map
  4. Traveller5 World Builder

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The T5 Core Rules contains ToolSets for the following functions:

  1. ArmorMaker
  2. CharGen
  3. CreatureMaker (In version 5.09, "BeastMaker")
  4. GunMaker
  5. PlantMaker
  6. RobotMaker
  7. ShipMaker
  8. ThingMaker
  9. Traveller Sophont Creation System (SophontMaker)
  10. VehicleMaker
  11. WordMaker
  12. WorldMaker AKA T5 WorldMaker

External Link/s[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Armor & Gun Maker at
  2. EXTERNAL LINK: Omni Vehicle Maker at (Ground Vehicles, Flyers, Watercraft, and Military Vehicles)
  3. EXTERNAL LINK: Plant Generator at
  4. EXTERNAL LINK: Robot Maker at
  5. EXTERNAL LINK: Traveller5 World Builder
  6. EXTERNAL LINK: Traveller Worlds: Maps & Systems
  7. EXTERNAL LINK: Vehicle Maker at
  8. EXTERNAL LINK: Word Generator at
  9. EXTERNAL LINK: World Builder at

T4 has ToolSets derived from Book B Fire, Fusion & Steel

  1. Quick Ship Design System
  2. Standard Ship Design System

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

CharGen and various simulators for making various things across a broad spectrum from NPCs to objects to armor to weaponry to vehicles to starships and more have been a consistent feature of the game since 1977.

Many ToolSets have been converted into online calculators and similar programs.

ToolSets are a major part of T5 and many were created throughout the development and playtesting of the T5 Core Rules. Not all of them made it to the final cut and not all of them are featured in the T5 Core Rules.

The Perils of CharGen[edit]

Traveller is very well known for the possibility of a character being killed before it leaves CharGen. Some might say infamous...

Goofy Gearheadery[edit]

Starship and vehicle generation, in many cases, grew quite complex and became known as gearheadery with the self-obsessed fans becoming known as gearheads.

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