Xboat 01

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Xboat 1
Xboat 1.jpg
A Traveller5 zine
Author Robert Eaglestone
Publisher Robert Eaglestone
Version Traveller 5th
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback) (PDF)
Language English
Pages 23
Year Published 2019
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
Also See Slade Mark I class Frontier Raider
August 2019 Publication.

Xboat 01 is a Robert Eaglestone product. It is a periodical designed for the Traveller 5th edition.


Robert Eaglestone
Ian Stead
Robert Pearce
Featured Author
Chad Russell

Table of Contents[edit]

Xboat 01
Department Article Author Pages
Editorial Welcome! Robert Eaglestone 4
Ship Slade Mark I Frontier Raider Robert Eaglestone 5-6
Equipment Heavy Vacc Suit Robert Eaglestone 7
Robot EngLe Drive Tech Robot Robert Eaglestone 8
Amber Zone Liberating Intellectual Property Chad Russell 9-12
Bestiary Zaarek’s Bane Robert Eaglestone 13
Bestiary Akhanagir Robert Eaglestone 14
Variant Rule ShipMaker Robert Eaglestone 15-18
Ship Capricorn-class Close Escort Robert Eaglestone 18
Ship Kiidu Patrol Boat Robert Eaglestone 19
Ship Patrol Corvette Robert Eaglestone 20
Equipment Gravitic Boarding Armor Robert Eaglestone 21
Robot Damage Control Robot DCM-7 Robert Eaglestone 22
Form Traveller Form 1A - Character Sheet Robert Eaglestone 23



On 21 February 2019, Robert Eaglestone launched a Kickstarter to get a new Traveller periodical founded and funded. It funded on the first day.

This is a true Fanzine, with most of the material produced by Fans who are participating in the Traveller5 initiative. It's about discussion, example, and bold ideas rather than finished product. So, these issues are "non-canon," although content *could* be re-used in later publications.

Each issue is at least 16 printed half-pages (5.5 x 8.5) in a saddle-stitched booklet format.

Commentary & Data articles:

  1. Kickstarter Page

Library Data Entries[edit]

Library data entries

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. LIC
  2. LRC
  3. Oberlindes Security
  4. ShipMaker
  5. ToolSet
  6. Universal Three Laws of Robotics

Selected Astrography[edit]

  1. Dekalb (world)
  2. Extolay (world)
  3. Glisten (world)
  4. Lysen (world)
  5. Tlaqril (world) AKA Foelen (world)

Selected Corporations[edit]

  1. Engolia
  2. Henlan-Ra
  3. Hughes Aerospace & Intestellar Tech
  4. Kemker Light Industries (KLI)
  5. Lesler-Kahlan Gravitics
  6. LSP

Selected Creatures[edit]

  1. Akhanagir
  2. Dalazu
  3. Zaarek's Bane

Selected Equipment[edit]

Personal Equipment:

  1. ADBA class Gravitic Boarding Armor
  2. AHVS class Heavy Vacc Suit

Ship Equipment:

  1. Barbette
  2. CommCaster
  3. DataCaster
  4. Firmpoint
  5. Hardpoint
  6. Hop Drive
  7. Jump Drive

Selected Polities[edit]

  1. Republic of Regina

Selected Robots[edit]

  1. DCM-7 class Damage Control Robot
  2. EngLe class Drive Tech Robot

Selected Ships[edit]

  1. Capricorn class Close Escort
  2. Kranhouse class Patrol Corvette
  3. Nishemani class Corsair
  4. Orca class Corporate Packet
  5. Slade Mark I class Frontier Raider
  6. Type S class Scout/Courier
  7. Type T class Patrol Cruiser

Selected Smallcraft[edit]

  1. Kiidu class Patrol Boat