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The Republic of Regina is a polity located in Spinward Marches Sector. It is a Galaxiad-era pocket empire.

For the 1248 version see Republic of Regina (1248)

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
None Pre-Imperial None No standard code Did not yet exist.
None 1st Survey (300) None 2-ltr code Did not yet exist.
Republic of Regina 5th Survey (1248) Rr 2-ltr code see Republic of Regina (1248)
Republic of Regina Rr 4-ltr code Founded 1648

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Republic of Regina is defined by the Constitution of 1648

Liberties and Duties[edit]

Sophont Rights[edit]

The specific liberties afforded all Sophonts within the Republic of Regina. These include limitations on the Deprivation of Life and Liberty including a ban on Slavery; It defines Freedoms of Movement, of Free Speech and of Association; It limits terms under which an acquisition or deprivation of Property may occur.

Sophont Duties[edit]

The Republic of Regina places specific duties upon its members. They must uphold the Constitution and Law of the Republic. They must, when called upon to do so, present themselves for service to the Republic for its defence against an external enemy (the basis of the Republic's ability to draft personnel into the Army and Navy).


Psionics are an accepted attribute in the RepublicPsionic Institutes are licensed and controlled by member worlds: some worlds prohibit them entirely.  However, as a part of the Republic Charter, psionicists are permitted "Sophont Rights" and therefore have legal protections of the Republic on all its member worlds. Note that high-powered psionicists are rare.


AIs are recognized as fully Sophont permitted full "Sophont Rights" within the Republic[1].

Structure of the Government[edit]




Head of State[edit]

Head of Government[edit]

Relationship to System Governments[edit]

Governmental Institutions[edit]


Main article: Republic of Regina Navy

The Republic of Regina Navy is the Naval arm of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Regina. It includes the Republic of Regina Marines.

Established in the Constitution of 1648, the Navy is one of the main reasons for the very existence of the Republic of Regina - Collective Interstellar Security.


Law Enforcement[edit]

Government Administration[edit]

Legal System[edit]

Main Article: Republic of Regina Legal System


The Legal System of the Republic of Regina applies to states that are members of the Republic and the legal persons present in the territories of those states wherever born. It also applies to all space going vessels within the Republic's boundaries (including intervening spaces) and aboard such vessels as may be registered within the Republic.

Additionally it applies to the Chancelleries of the Republic's foreign embassies and consulates and to serving members of government institutions (and others in receipt of the Republic's monies) at all times and wherever they may be located.

Basis of Law[edit]

The Republic of Regina notionally traces its legal system back to Imperial Law and to the The Constitution of 1648. In practice, the links to Imperial Law are tenuous (especially across the Silencing of Regina in 1508[3]) and the actual interpretation process applied to The The Constitution is based on the Common Law of Regina.

Investigative Process[edit]

Judicial Process[edit]

Any case may be referred to the Republic's court system by a Planetary Court, or may be called into the Republic's court system if the case is found to be within the jurisdiction of the court. The Republic's courts are superior to planetary courts of member worlds in those areas in which it has jurisdiction.

Having been called into court, the evidence is presented and examined and the Judge(s) then decide upon a verdict. Three outcomes are possible: Guilty, Unproven and Not Guilty. Unproven cases must be re-presented not less than a month later but within a year.

Finally, the Judge(s) will deliberate upon and pronounce a verdict.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The concept of the formation of the Republic of Regina, discussed in abstract for a decade or more, arises from desires growing on neighbouring worlds for a united front and forum. Membership in the Republic over the next 250 years is fleeting for some worlds, and a firm bedrock for others.

Timeline to Foundation[edit]

Year Event
Third Imperium The Republic has its origin in the Third Imperium, which dominated space until the close of its 12th century - specifically, in the Duchy of Regina.
1120 - 1445 The Wave
The psionically-active Wave destroyed the infrastructure of Charted Space (passing through what is, in 1900, the Republic of Regina between 1197 and 1222, From a few surviving locations, large pocket empires grew: the New Ziru Sirka, and the Fourth Imperium in Ilelish in 1287. The Regency, established in the 1130s, was partly protected by the Controller of Wills[4]. What did survive, was damaged in skirmishes against the New Ziru Sirka and other threats.
1248 The Regency splintered, and Regina was in charge of one of several pocket empires in the sector.
1300s A period of damaging chaos intensified to full-on upheaval in most of the sector. The Splinter States disintegrated in the Spinward Marches at this time. Regina was considered to be a Strong World in this time, rather than a true capital of a pocket empire. This period lasted until 1500.
It is during this period that "The Wilds are not worth it" becomes first a political call, then a cliché that Regina and its neighbors will recall for a very long time.
1400s Regina reaches TL–16, probably due to interstellar ties. However, those ties are short-lived, and so are Regina's technological achievements.
1430 The Wave exits the Rimward edge of Charted Space
1450 Regina drops to TL–14. The Lorenverse inflects with the OTU by 1476.
1500 Regina is at TL–13. The end of the Collapse/Interregnum periods. The term Virus passes from common use and the term Rogue AI replaces it.
1508 The Foreven War, which has no winners as far as later generations can determine. Regina is subjected to a massive EMP strike and loses much of its remaining institutional memory. The fate, and even the identity and home territory, of Regina's opponent is little known in 1900 aside from the facts that they apparently came from somewhere in or near Foreven, and that after the Silencing of Regina the war ceased abruptly.
Already struggling, Regina's advanced society goes into survival mode. While not actually isolated, Regina spends its capital looking inward for several generations, letting other worlds around it claim regional primacy in the interim. The results in the region are chaotic, and whets many an appetite for change.
1540 Regina reaches a low point of TL–12
1600 Regina reaches TL–13 again.

Timeline of the Republic of Regina[edit]

Year Event
1648 The Republic of Regina is formed. A holiday celebrating the date 001-1648, Republic Day, is the traditionally-appointed date honouring the re-inauguration of the Republic of Regina.
1660 Regina reaches TL–14.
1750 Regina reaches TL–15.
1780 to 1830 The False Spring in the Spinward Marches Sector.
The False Spring is the term for a number of generalized events in the period 1780-1840 which included some mild economic benefits for the Wilds. This prosperity resulted in vigorous exploitation by Wild Traders and Strong Worlds.
1850 Regina regains TL–16.
1900 Republic of Regina research stations achieve breakthroughs into TL–17 technologies. This is the Galaxiad timeframe.
1902 The Hop Drive becomes available to select customers.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity is located in the following areas:
Charted Space:


The capital/s of this polity is/are located in the following location/s:

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds are a part of this polity:

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